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It is an alright town. I feel like if they had more job opportunities that were worthwhile in the town it would be better.
I would like the rate of pay in this area to increase. The workload is equal to those in other areas, as well as the job responsibilities and expectations but this is the lowest rate of pay area I have ever seen
I have lived here my whole life, safe and friendly place to raise a family not a lot to do though.we need more in activities such as lazer tag,putt putt, a nice mall, more restraunts.overall it's a nice place to live
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Nice town. Quaint. Good churches. Too much drug use. Not many nice restaurants. State Street is a nice, eclectic blend of what Bristol is all about.
I have grown up in this area and I absolutely love it. It has a little bit of everything. It has great shopping options, wonderful city parks, and excellent festivals and events. You can find something for every age to enjoy!
I love that Bristol is a smaller community. you get to know people and have a personal relationship with everyone. the only major thing I would change would be to have something more for the kids especially teenagers. they have nothing to do on the weekends and it tends to lead them to activities that are either unhealthy or unsavory. Overall Bristol is a very special little city enriched with great culture and diversity.
Bristol is an amazing place to live. People are very down to earth and social. It is beautiful with the best of all seasons. In spring and summer you get the beautiful flowers and warm weather. With fall and winter you get the changing of the leaves of all colors and the sparkling snow.

The one thing that needs to change is employment. As with everywhere it has declined, but we are in desperate need of manufacturing jobs.
Bristol is a quaint southern town with a small but active downtown. It's rich in musical heritage and in people, but some of it's drawbacks are also what are directly related to some of it's pureness. The organic nature of it all and the tradition of the region are preserved because of it's isolation. Unfortunately, that also leads to some ignorant people. You can't have it all, but Bristol has about 1 of everything.
I've lived in Bristol for sixteen years. What I love the most about the city of Bristol is that the states of Tennessee and Virginia divide the city in half. In downtown Bristol, there is a road known as "State Street" where you are driving in Tennessee in one lane and Virginia in the other. You can stand in the middle of the road with one foot in Virginia and the other in Tennessee. I find that real fascinating. One thing I would like to see change in Bristol is seeing job industries growing. At one point, Bristol had plenty of industries but they shut down for relocation. I would love to see jobs grow back up.
Bristol TN/VA is a small town with a musical history. It is the birthplace of country music, and the country music museum is there. There is always live music playing somewhere, usually in the adorable downtown area. Rhythm and Roots festival every September features hundreds of artists from around the world. The whole downtown is blocked off for three days and there are about 10 different bands playing in different areas at all times. From punk rock to folk music you will find it at the festival. Great food downtown, be sure to check out the Manna Bagel Co. downtown. Great food and atmosphere! Homemade bagels and soups almost like a northern deli...delicious.
There could be a lot more things to do on the weekends or just in general.
the police are around and i think that deters crime so crime is not that visible.
Our neighborhood has lots of beautiful old homes and most everyone likes dogs and cats.
Bristol is a fantastic place for families, and I've had the pleasure of growing up here. Many new businesses are opening up, which means many new jobs. I like that Bristol is a seasonal tourist attraction. There are many small businesses here. It's has a great community atmosphere and music scene. Of course it has its issues, but when it comes down to it, it really is 'a great place to live.'
The crime prevention in this area is fantastic, great women and men risk for us and do a great job!
I really enjoy where I live and the community I have aaround me. If the scenery and beautiful mountains don't keep you, the friendly people will!
The quality of housing in the area is great. There is affordable housing no matter which class you are in. There are some abandoned properties, but they are usually out in the country and not in the city where you see them often. I think the best places to live are in neighborhoods because they tend to be safer.
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So many events downtown that promote unity
I have never felt endangered
This is such a great area to raise children
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