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I, personally have felt always felt a sense of security while in my own home and running errands.
I was born and raised here in Kenosha County. I went to Bristol Elementary School and Westosha Central High School where I was surrounded by friends and teachers who taught me not only reading and arithmetic, but life lessons as well. As I go off to college in the fall, I am comforted to know that my family and community will always be here to support me.
Overall the area is great for raising kids, the crime rate is extremely low. The scenery is great and there are amazing nature trails and lakes for summer activities
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The area in which I live is a small pretty quiet town. I wish there were more opportunities for kids and families to explore and we outside. I wish there were more parks, inviting beaches/ rivers/ water, family events, etc. I think it would be nice to get the community to engage more.
Limited amount of bike trails, walking paths or public parks, and for there is available, you have to drive to it and it's small.
A wide variety of housing options for any economic level.
The winters may be rough, but if you don't mind the cold it's fine. I'm from Wisconsin so I'm used to it.
I rarely go out to eat in the area because it's all just bars, fish fry or pancake houses. Very little options.
Not many hiring opportunities. If you want to work you have to look in Kenosha or Antioch. Even then, you probably won't find your dream job.
Bristol, Salem, and the Paddock Lake area has a minimal amount of stores, that are all located far away from each other. However, there is a large amount of antique stores. All of the businesses seem to close by 7 PM so there's no night life. It's kind of lame.
Most people are farmers. The job market right now is going to grow because a big factory just got built nearby. A big company around there would be Woodman's.
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