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Bristol is a great place to raise a family. It has a great public school system that offers plenty of advanced courses and plenty of after school activities. The after school activities range from sports teams and academic teams to volunteer clubs. It is very safe to walk all throughout Bristol however its not practical to walk depending on where you live. Over the summer the city runs three pool and parks creating a fun summer for children.
I live in a friendly and quiet neighborhood. I have lived in Bristol my entire life and enjoy everything about it. Bristol has every store I need for everyday living.
I've lived in Bristol for about 1012 years I wish there were more nightlife for the young adults but overall it's a very good City, good schools Safe Streets, very good Police Department family-friendly it is a nice place to grow a family and raise children there are parks and multiple shopping centers and I think just overall it's a very Community friendly place
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Overall I like living in Bristol as I have been a resident for over 20 years. There is a nice diversity of places to eat and shop. Easy access with plenty of parking to wherever your destination is. As with anywhere you go nowadays, the worst part of Bristol is route 6 the constant construction. I am happy to see consistent improvements however you should not expect to get anywhere quickly without sitting in some type of traffic congestion. There may be some areas that are questionable as again with any other town, however, overall I have had good experience living in Bristol.
Bristol has an interesting history its glory days are over..without the financial assistance through ESPN, the city would be on the verge of collapse the hub of bristol is route 6. A hodge podge of supermarkets..small shops and your typical fast food restaurants during the 60s the downtown area was torn down for redevelopment..downtown bristol never recovered..poor planning..good ole boy corruption..downtown bristol is a sad site its not really a downtown..but I guess you would call it that because the city hall complex being located in this area.its a haven for homeless and other people coming here trying to escape poverty and despair from other towns...a pretty new england town?..No. A poorly planned town..Yes. Its mainly older working class folks waiting for the end..poor migrating to bristol hoping for better times and the young dreaming of getting out of fast as possible...a very very fascinating history..nothing more!
Bristol is a quiet town that needs diversity. There aren't really things to do in Bristol. They do have a nice Farmer's market every summer. There is a huge homeless population in Bristol and no one really seems to care.
... There's no jobs,no transportation , absolutely no help for the increasing homeless population.. no help for single parents or at risk youth,and if you don't own transportation good luck !.. everything is usually extremely far like the schools.. I my self drive but if I had to walk it be about an hour n a half.. don't move to Bristol's a town forgotten by the city(more concerned with asthetics and "looking rich"),, state, and's definitely smoke and mirrors...
Good areas and bad areas like everywhere else. Good school system. Plenty of shops and dining. There are no highways so it can be difficult and timely to get to the west end side of Bristol. The traffic on Route 6 gets bad but they are currently working on expanding it. The Forestville section of Bristol is nice and quiet. Convenient location to all grocery stores.
I personally enjoy my neighborhood area of Bristol. The streets surrounding my house have many children that play outside and I also live close to many schools and parks.
Much of Bristol is purely fast food and grocery stores. There are no major companies hiring well paying jobs. Taxes are high and people are run down. Its sad to see such a highly industrialized state/country leaving people behind to struggle. Problems with healthcare , financial strains/misuse of funding, and overall strong leadership that creates positive change.
Although bristol is not the most entertaining place to live, the people there are what make it great. Even though it is technically a city, it has a small town feel in that everyone knows each other. There is a distinct community feel and there are always people there who will have your back.
It is a good city with good schools but it is a little noisy with some low class people. Their needs to be more updating with the housing around here.
A town full of ignorant & low-class people. Most think it's acceptable for young people to be using dirt bikes and ATV's on public roads. Or shooting off fireworks at 10pm any night of the week during the Summer. The crime I heard about was mostly breaking into cars at night. I'm glad I moved out, the people giving Bristol these high reviews don't know any better.
In 2014 I moved to Bristol within 2 months as a resident I was able to secure employment. I have lived in Bristol now for 5 years. Its growing into a product city with the development of new buildings and growth of community.
Bristol is a very cultural and family place. It has a great mix of demographics and it's quiet. Everyone seems friendly and the neighborhoods are kept clean. They have a great school system and a lot of family activities. There are buses everywhere that bring you to different cities which make it easy to commute and work.
Bristol as a community is very strong. I am proud to say that I am a member of this town that is continuously improving. Diversity is extremely important to me and the people of Bristol provide there to be diverseness within the community. Some things I would like to see change is the use of empty lots. I think its important that teenagers have a safe, but fun place to spend time with friends.
Nice, quiet city. I don't have many complaints. If you are interested in eating out, go to a different town, we don't have that many good places.
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I've lived in Bristol my whole life, its not terrible but its not incredible either. There is plenty around that you don't have to travel far to find what you need.
Living here has been great. I live near everything. The only thing is the traffic on Route 6. Rentals are getting expensive. My rent is good because I have landlord that doesn't raise the rent every year.
Bristol is a great place starting a young family! there are multiple opportunities within the community of Bristol for a child to get involved with extracurricular activities. With many options of possible paths for your growing family this makes Bristol a place to live!
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