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Bristol can be a good area to live in outside the hartford area, but has had many problems with drugs lately.
I've lived in Bristol my entire life. It's a good place with lots of opportunities and always something going on.
Bristol is a small community with 2 public high schools. There isn't much to do around Bristol. There is always drama. The city knocked down the only mall it had (it was run down anyway) and promised to build a new entertainment area but failed to deliver on its promise.
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Bristol has such great potential but in a way they hinder themselves. The downtown area they seem to be doing nothing with. The old Center Mall area is just an empty canvas waiting for something to be created in it.
Ive been living here for a while and i like the school, as long as your an active person you can find a lot to do here. They're are a lot of fast food places and joints to go to.
Bristol us a great community where you get to know many diverse people. In Bristol you don't get bullied for the things you like and it is a great place to raise children and pets.
Bristol, Connecticut,
Home of Espn, Americas oldest functioning theme park Lake compounds, And home of the famous Muzzy field. Bristol is also home to Edgewood Little league Which holds the Eastern Regional for the 12 year old All Star baseball teams. It also home to the American clock & watch museum along with the New England Carousel Museum. There is always plenty to do.
Growing up in Bristol hasn't been all bad, But as I've gotten older I have noticed a change in the community. It's not a family friendly community anymore like it used to be. It's less safe on the streets. More and more people are leaving, but I don't believe Bristol has lost all of its potential.
The market for housing in excellent. In fact in Bristol there is a saying, "Once in Bristol, always in Bristol." People usually don't leave once they move and if they do move they always move back to Bristol. It's a city with a small town mentality. The school systems are great and as far as diversity, anybody would fit right in. There are many job opportunities being the home of ESPN and Lake Compounce. All ages will have opportunities with route 6 being the largest length of road in the city. As for it's flaws, you would need a car to get around and the highway is about 15 minutes no matter which direction you are coming from.
Bristol has an excellent school system from k-12. The teachers here really strive for your child to succeed. I wouldn't move to any other town because of the satisfaction they provide in my child's success. They are connected to other resources outside of school also to help families in need.
Overall good place to live. Public schools are good, but no many places to go for entertainment. However, jobs are easily found.
I have lived in Bristol my whole life; there truthfully are not many things to do besides lake compounce, mount southington, mini golf, but lots of restaurants. Every section for the most part is nice however you will always have the part of town that is the downfall. I truly enjoy it.
I've lived here almost my whole life and enjoy it very much. People are nice, schools are great, but some areas are nicer than others.
Honestly, I admit that I like the peaceful life in Bristol. Otherwise, I dislike that we do not have a lot of entertainment to have fun, I am Latino, so I feel like discrimination is in the air.
Since I've moved here, we have not heard of any crime in our neighborhood.
It's quiet for the most part, neighbors are friendly.
It seems like the town has more crime than in years past
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This area is okay, but there isn't much to do in town. One good thing is that all of the stores in town (40+) are lined up on Farmington Ave.
I feel completely safe in my area. Crimes do happen in the surrounding areas but not very many. It is not uncommon to see a police officer anytime you go out.
I live on a new development so I get to see a neighborhood being put together. My family and I were one of the first families to move in so we get to watch the rest of the families move in. Everyone that is here soo far is very friendly and excited about their new house. I can't wait for the neighborhood to be finished and for everyone to move in. I'm excited to be apart of the new neighborhood.
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