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Bristol Wisconsin is a friendly little town with it's own country style charm. The beautiful countryside in the summer brings joy to the children and the generations of people born and raised there. Everyone says good morning, and smiles when the new day begins. The charm of the houses showcase the people and their pride in ownership of their homes. Bristol is a place where people are great and share their inner core of honest friendship.
Mostly new houses all in great shape
Sun Prairie is safe and crimes are handled quickly and keep residents safe
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It is greatly expanding and creating new jobs daily
PAC (Prairie Athletic Club), YMCA, and other workout facilities are great places to get healthy.
New and old residents engage in community events.
Good law enforcers in this city!
Good restaurants in some areas.
There is not very much tourism so there are not as many activities. If there was more tourism the community would do more activities.
There is very little crime. The police stop this with being visible but they seem to be easily caught up in some crimes like disturbing the peace instead of actual crimes
The police system is still somewhat corrupt due to the need for income through tickets. I always know to drive slower at the end of the month or fear receiving a ticket.
The job opportunities are not great however most people just commute to Madison for work. This provides plenty of options and higher salaries.
The food is quite good here. There are many small businesses that have found a way into locals hearts and stomachs. For example Salvatore's Tomato Pies is excellent and focuses on supporting the local economy. It is also the best pizza in town.
The local businesses are quite good, however the variety is not very appealing. The only activity to do is eat because we only have restaurants. These restaurants are good but little fun stores like toy stores or antique stores are not to be found.
The local business around here is great! Everyone is kind and productive. You're always greeted. Definitely a great place to have a good, comfortable time.
Not the greatest, but not the worse. The variety is great. Many restaurants are the go-to's for their menu, such as Nitty Grittys, Red Lobster, and more. You get what you pay for when it comes to good food.
Walmart, Costco, and Woodman's have recently built in the area causing the local sentry to close, but it is now possible to get everything you need in the area as far as groceries go.
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The job market seems to be average. For a high school student, it is fairly easy to find a flexible and dependable job.
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