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My fiance and I have purchased our first home in Bristol Borough, which just won Best Small Town in America. Bristol borough is beautiful with so much small city charm. People are friendly and love to network, you just have to visit Mill Street where you can find vendors that will take care of all of your needs.
No real concerns. The area generally looks nice, visible police presence, crime does not seem overly prevalent.
I live right by the Delaware River, so that helps to cultivate a very laid back atmosphere, which I enjoy. There is a lot happening in Bristol, which makes me feel like I am part of a community. Bristol is becoming increasingly modernized, with many new stores opening up.
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I don't feel physically unsafe at any time while walking around town, and most crimes seem to be minimal and non-violent.
There's a lot of drug issues, especially amongst the high school students, and there seems to be more petty thievery as of late. Otherwise, it's a pleasant, small community with a fair amount of local events that take place. Although if I weren't born and raised here, I likely wouldn't choose to live here. I would like to see more public events.
There has been a few issue semi-recently with robbery and rape. I will be the first to admit that there are some adolescents that just can't behave themselves here and they are quite obnoxious and rude. Other than a few instances there is actually not much crime here.
Bristol Borough is a small community and is highly underrated. It is right bh the Deleware river and is a quite a pleasant sight. I have lived here for five going on six years and i truely has felt like i have been here longer and it feels like home. Sometimes the atmosphere here is a bit dull but there are many things to keep you entertained such as festivals. There are a nice variety of festivals that go on theoughtout the year. Some include Italian day, Puerto Rican day, Historic Bristol day, etc. All these show the towns folk how fun and intersting other culture are and can be. There is a lot going on for tbis small town and it does nothing but keep on growing. I see big things in the future for Bristol Borough.
We live in a valley but we never get the full effects of the weather. Everything is scaled down, so when there is a storm we only get about 25-60% of what others get and getting that 60% is very rare.
There is almost no diversity. It is strange to see a new race in the town.
People never leave this town. Some houses have been in the same family for many generations. Almost everyone has a pet. Everyone knows each other.
You can reach most outdoor areas within an hour. Except mountains that takes at least two.
There aren't many jobs because most positions are filled.
There are a few places to exercise and it's a nice town to walk in so people walk a lot but I wouldn't say they were all very healthy.
Being a small town there aren't very many traffic problems until you hit the highway. There are a lot of lights and stop signs though.
There are a lot of family owned pizza shops and two good diners. In the town itself there aren't any fast food or chain restaurants.
Most businesses are owned by the community and the big businesses are just outside of the town and not far at all.
If you like nice, quiet, close knit towns, this one's for you. There isn't a lot to do but hangout with neighbors and friends but that can be fun sometimes.
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There isn't really much to say about the area. It's nice but it depends on what kind of house you live in to describe what it's like.
There's almost never any crime here. If a cop is in the area he's stopping by to say hi to a relative or check on the elderly.
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