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Beautiful place to live! I came here for college and absolutely love it. The view of the ocean is amazing. Love all the parks there are for my friends and I to hang out!
Bristol is a quiet, beautiful town, that has family friendly activities all year round. The 4th of July is a huge deal for this small town, with the oldest ongoing parade.
Old community and very português speaking people no night life and real estate has expensive homes but they are very old
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In my town of Bristol I highly enjoy the small town feel and the patriotism. We have the longest running Fourth of July parade in the country and during this time there's concerts and a great carnival. One thing I would critique about the town is the lack of cultural diversity. In my school the majority of students are white and around town the majority of people you see are white, specifically Portuguese.
Bristol is a family-friendly town, and a beautiful place to live and raise a family. Walking distance to the water, with many family-friendly activities amd restaurants nearby.
Crime is minimal in this area. I have never felt threatened or as though my life was in danger. Walking the dog at night is never a problem. Police/fire are always available and respond quickly.
A quiet and friendly neighborhood, Bristol, RI is a very comfortable place to live. Families and graduate students coexist without issues. Bristol is up and coming and boasting with talent and new restaurants.
The Bristol police are very professional & serious
Bristol is a great town, but very political.
Love the town and everything about it
Police and fire are great. Missing or troubled public services are not a problem. The local laws are mostly fair.
It can be expensive to live her depending on which part of town you reside in. The taxes are high. There aren't a lot of vacant properties. The best places to live are downtown or the highlands.
Not much crime happens here. Because of the lack of excitement if the police are needed they respond promptly.
If you are looking for a simple blue collar job you'll be able to find it. Otherwise you'll have to make the 30 minute commute to Providence for unlimited options
In bristol we don't have a lot of big companies. For large stores and malls you have to travel about 25 minutes. However, our local restaurants are some of the best in RI. We have a fantastic farmers market as well as two larger grocery stores. The downtown area is full of boutiques, coffee shops, libraries, banks and much more. Bristol has a wonderful small town atmosphere
The biggest income comes from small business owners
There are a lot of small businesses here that are really supported by the town. It is really nice to see that people care about their community here.
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