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Bristol is an amazing town, in fact the only town I would live in in RI. I has the most festivities especially around the 4th of July. I am so grateful to live in this little town in the smallest state. Growing up in Bristol has given me a great perspective on life. It is very safe, the schools are great its very family friendly!
Bristol is a family friendly, beautiful small historic town. It was a privilege to grow up here and I had a great education. However, Bristol is not a very diverse place to live and people here can be close-minded and ignorant.
Bristol is a beautiful town that is safe, family-friendly, and full of activities to do, being that it is 20 minutes from Newport and Providence.
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Bristol is very different from where I grew up in Massachusetts. I love being a short drive away from the water and my campus is beautiful.
Bristol RI is a pretty seaside town that has a lot to offer. Local restaurants are plentiful and excellent, and there are numerous gorgeous parks in the area to relax in.
I like Bristol because it is a homely town. It is scenic and historical as well. The only issue is that around the Fourth of July it becomes crowded and the traffic is horrible. We are considered the most patriotic town because of our traditional parade, but because of that, we get an influx of people. We are a relatively small town, but cozy and family friendly.
I absolutely love living in Bristol. It is a quaint, walkable town great for young adults. I am within walking distance of restaurants, vendors, and bars. My neighbors are incredibly kind and engaging, and I am minutes from the East Bay Bike Path.
Bristol is a nice waterside town with a nice downtown area and water view. They have good schools and nice shops and restaurants.
Bristol is a cute community near the water! With its great eats, local shops, and parks not only is it a great place to live but a great place to visit!
Bristol is a small town surrounded by locally owned shops and restaurants. It has the most amazing seafood shops. The beach and ocean are always close by.
This town is the best. It's so charming and the community vibe is wonderful. Between the college students, local businesses, and amazing 4th of July celebrations, Bristol, RI is one of the best places I have ever been and I am so happy to be a part of this community. Being able to call it home is an amazing thing.
A lot of fun activities and a very safe town very few burglary’s in the town and with a awesome beach view
Bristol is known for their 4th of July Parade. It is a must see! There is a week long celebration with tons of music, food, people and a carnival.
A quiet and friendly little town with good restaurants and great views of the bay. Close proximity to Newport and Providence which is nice but driving there can take longer than planned due to traffic and the main road that runs through Bristol.
Beautiful place to live! I came here for college and absolutely love it. The view of the ocean is amazing. Love all the parks there are for my friends and I to hang out!
Bristol is a quiet, beautiful town, that has family friendly activities all year round. The 4th of July is a huge deal for this small town, with the oldest ongoing parade.
Old community and very português speaking people no night life and real estate has expensive homes but they are very old
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In my town of Bristol I highly enjoy the small town feel and the patriotism. We have the longest running Fourth of July parade in the country and during this time there's concerts and a great carnival. One thing I would critique about the town is the lack of cultural diversity. In my school the majority of students are white and around town the majority of people you see are white, specifically Portuguese.
Bristol is a family-friendly town, and a beautiful place to live and raise a family. Walking distance to the water, with many family-friendly activities amd restaurants nearby.
Crime is minimal in this area. I have never felt threatened or as though my life was in danger. Walking the dog at night is never a problem. Police/fire are always available and respond quickly.
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