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Well the only thing I like about Brinkley is I was born and raised here! Nothing else I can say. I hope for better teachers for the kids, I do have three children of my own that attend Brinkley Partee Elementary school here in BRINKLEY.
I grew up in Brinkley, AR until I graduated high school and moved to Conway, AR in 2002. I have returned to Brinkley due to personal matters and I've been able to graduate with my Associate degree and obtain the necessary support I needed for my daughter.

The great thing about Brinkley, AR is that is small, close-knit community; however, Brinkley does lack a variety of shopping centers and restaurants. Another major issue in Brinkley, AR is the subtle racism that exists in the community. I look forward to the day where such a small community like Brinkley will rise above racism and allow everyone to succeed.
Its going down by the day. The town is based off of people who have money.
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There are no attractions. This is not a town to tour cause there is nothing to see what so ever. This town is drying up and the only thing to see are a few old buildings that have been run down. There are many great places to see in Arkansas so no one's time should be wasted on this town. There are great cave tours I have been on here in Arkansas and there are also hiking trails and other towns that actually have historic things to view but not Brinkley.
I think the crime rate in this town rivals any town in the entire USA. I have personally seen people break into cars right in front of me and I have seen dozens of people who walk back alleys during the day and come back at night to steal what they saw. The gas station across from my house was actually robbed about a year after I moved out of town. Funny thing is the gas station is only a half a block from the police department. You can actually see the police department form the gas station! Anything left outside will be stolen by sunrise. My family installed a security camera cause of all the thieves and caught a guy walking up in our carport all the way up to the front door at about 3:00am looking around and under things trying to find something to steal.This happened while the carport light was on he was in direct light the whole time. Another time the security camera caught a whole group of men walking all around our carport at about 2:30am. This was reported to the police and they did nothing. We had over 12 bikes stolen and the police also did nothing when we reported those cases. The police there are the worst I've ever seen. They are lazy and only harass people who aren't doing anything wrong. I have seen on multiple occasions 2 men who sold marijuana and crack at the gas station across from my house have the police walk right past them as if nothing was wrong when you could clearly see they were selling drugs. I could actually see white bags being passed back and forth when the drug dealers shook hands. Most of the cops their were also very out of shape and could not protect my life if they wanted to. Many cops are obese and take about a full minute just to stand up out of their squad car. There is no way that these cops pass their physical, it is a impossibility. It is the worst excuse for a police department I have ever seen. I have many more things to say about even more crime I have witness and the officers lack of interest and physical shape.
The weather wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for all the tornadoes that seem to come close by and the severe thunderstorms. I have personally seem lighting hit telephone poles about 4 or 5 times when I lived there. The fear of a thunderstorm producing a tornado there is great. But Arkansas is part of tornado alley. Brinkley also seems to be located close to the New Madrid fault line which cause a risk of earthquakes.
There are two real restaurants in this town, a Chinese restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. That's it. Not much more to say.
There are little to no jobs at all in this town that's why I moved to another town. Your job options are Family Dollar, Dollar General, Fred's, Kroger, Gas Stations, Rice land, Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, small restaurants and working for Farmers.That is it! Period!
This town has almost no stores. There was a Walmart super center here but because of theft both from customers and employees it was forced to shut down. It is very hard to find what your looking for in this town cause there is only a handful of small stores like Fred's, The Dollar General, and Family Dollar. Kroger is the only grocery store. Even when the Walmart super center was open it did not carry very much variety at all. It seems like more stores close every year. The shirt factory, Laura's Diner, and Walmart all closed down.
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