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The weather is what it is. You get what you get when you live in northeastern Ohio.
No one is different, and if you are you'd better get out. Homophobic, conservative, white middle class people will be after you.
There's nothing to do in Wellington besides drive through town in about 60 seconds.
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Wellington consists of pizza, bars and hair salons.
The houses aren't too bad. Most of them are kept well enough. It's not a fancy, expensive looking town, but not terrible either.
If I could choose where to grow up, it would be as far away from Wellington as possible.
The village isn't big enough to really pollute anything major as far as nature goes.
Everyone knows everyone's business, and no one's nice about it.
Small conservative farm town full of small conservative farm boys doesn't leave much room for crime, fortunately.
In Wellington we have pizza and bars. Oh, and Bred-N-Brew.
The plus to Wellington being so small that it's considered a village is that there usually isn't much traffic!
I'm pretty sure hardly anyone exercises, but I don't really see how that's any of my business. Someone else's personal health and well being is none of my concern. They can do whatever they like.
Public service is so bad in Wellington, I don't even know who our local representatives are.
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