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I moved to Brighton a few years ago and I have to say what is the best part about it is that it is quiet. I can feel the anxiety of the day wane away, and when the mood calls for it, there is plenty of commerce and restaurants to have fun with my friends. Brighton is fine place to live.
There is very little crime, mostly things like an accidental hit and run or speeding but that is it.
My hometown used to be a family fun small town, but in recent years is turning more and more into a city which is really to bad. It hurts to see a small happy town turn into a looming city, to see forests chopped down, to have rich people moving in and see people not appreciate things. The education here is like all public schools, not very good but with high potential, the teachers are the problem. However it's still a great town, almost no crime, happy people, jobs for hire, the streets are clean and well lit, we have libraries and parks. I love Brighton Michigan.
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Oh my gosh, it doesn't get much safer than Brighton, Michigan! There will be crime wherever you go, but it has never effected me or anyone close to me, and you don't hear about many crimes happening here, so I definitely feel safe.
In the Brighton area there are a ton of things to do! It's only 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, and the whole community is pretty tight-knit. It has been a great place to grow up because there is hardly any crime, most kids are respectful and kind, and there are plenty of opportunities to help with the community.
There are not really any prevalent crimes in this area.
The general atmosphere of this location is nice, fairly quiet and well-maintained.
It's a good area to have a family. Low crime, good location in SE Michigan. Not too far from Detroit or Lansing.
We don't seem to have too many problems and there is good response when events do happen
Brighton is a beautiful town growing and coming up in education and its facilities. A lot of wonderful families and support for the community.
Everything is great in this area.
I love where I live. I feel as if it is a great place to raise a family. There are good and bad people but you find that everywhere you go.
The area is really nice in regards to the homes. This town has many upper-middle class and upper class families. There is a small downtown area with nice restaurants and shops.
We do have some nice restaurants such as Sushi Zen or Brighton Bar and Grill, however there is not a wide variety of restaurants in Brighton and one is likely to venture out for a meal.
Brighton is a little town so if you really put yourself out there you can find a job, however places are not always hiring so you cannot simply walk into any old store and get a job. It is especially difficult being a college student and trying to get a summer job.
We have a lot of local businesses such as the Coffee Beanery which provides excellent service as well as delicious coffee. We have a variety of local businesses in our little downtown area such as Three Brothers Coffee which serves scrumptious breakfast and a splendid cup of joe.
I've never felt in danger living here.
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I have never been hit by a tornado!
It can be hard to find a job out of food business.
There are so many great places to eat and drink!
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