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Beautiful upscale neighborhood. Lot's of unique shopping, and restaurants. Excellent school district. Safe neighborhood. Ethnic dining options.
its a good family neighborhood with lots of restaurants and shops. I also has some of the best schools
From a high schoolers perspective, Brighton is a fine town. There are plenty of job opportunities, most places are within walking distance, and the public school system is nationally ranked for are reason. There isn't much of a nightlife, so you either have to make your own fun or go to the city, which isn't such are hassle since Brighton is just south of Rochester. Though you pay quite a bit on property taxes, Brighton is a town where you get what you pay for. It's a safe place to live and the schools prepared me for college well. There areally parks nearby, but I'd like to see more than the two notables: Corbett's Glen and Brighton town park. Also there are 2 Wegmans nearby so it doesn't matter which side of town you live on.
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My relatives moved to brighton in the 1800's. I love the ease of the location. The schools are amazing . The people very friendly. It's a community unlike any other. I would describe Brighton NY as a present time Mayberry . Walking the streets on a moon lite evening the street lights glowing as we stroll through our neighborhood .
From a one bedroom to a 20 . All available
Love the area and the people. Only complaint.. Taxes
The crime rate, like all these days does happen. The police in the area are on it.
You have it all you would need. The beautiful waters edge. The lush green parks. acres of apple orchards. Wild life runs free. The suburbs of Rochester is just a majestic place to reside
Repairs roads every summer. I always feel safe. Police respond whenever you need.
It's so nice and inviting. Small town but not too small. Very safe.
Rochester has a high crime rate. In the suburbs the police respond immediately, but when you go into more rural areas, the cops are more laid back. They do not respond as fast. For example areas such as Avenue A-D are pretty bad, someone is getting shot there every day. Even in the suburbs, Brighton has the highest rape cases. I'm sure every city has their crimes, but when outsiders coming from other cities hear you're from Rochester they already know that our crime rate is high and do not want to visit.
In Rochester, there are 4 seasons all year round instead of 1. The overall cost of living here isn't that much. When people think of New York, they automatically think of New York City. Rochester is nothing like New York City. It is a much quieter place. I would choose to live here again only because of family and the fact that I am familiar with it. I really don't see Rochester getting any better or worse.
Rochester is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the US.
Lots of diversity and opportunity to get to know people from different walks of life. Lots of crime and police brutality in the city, however.
The people here seem friendly on the outside, but a lot of them will insult or talk bad about you behind your back.
There is no gym or fitness location in the area. You'll have to travel in order to find one.
I've actually never seen or heard about a crime in the area.
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For the most part, we have little in the way of natural disasters. The only thing we have to contend with is very cold weather almost year round.
The local Chinese, Mexican, and Italian eateries are excellent!
After the loss of Kodak, the job market is not doing so well in Rochester. However, it's not nearly as bad as some other areas that I know of.
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