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Brighton is a very great place to live! There are a lot of opportunities not only for youth involving sports, but due to its central location, getting everywhere is pretty easy to do, which means residents are able to get a wholesome experience of Rochester, NY.
Very nice town to live in has clean road and aperance is well kept. There are many places to do things and go shopping but everything closes kind of early
I've lived in Brighton 17+ years of my life. It is very family oriented and has much to do including festivals, concerts, sports, and comedy. It really has grown since the early 2000s. Certain costs has increased dramatically; however, because of this.
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I grew up in Brighton and went through the entire K-12 public school system. Most of my experience with Brighton has been through the recreation center, school, and sports. A lot of things around Brighton revolve around the high school. the high school is located in the middle of town so its pretty easy fr everyone to get to. Homecoming is one of the biggest events in Brighton and the entire town comes out to support the football team and the school. The recreation center is where I went after school because my parents worked until 5pm and they did not want me alone in the house at such a young age. there were also many activities through the recreation center, like basketball, soccer, and dodge ball.
My Brighton High School experience has shown me many academic and extracurricular opportunities offered in the school. Similarly, growing up in a Ghanaian household, along with traveling to international countries with my family helps me to learn more about my culture and the importance of education. My parents remind me of the significant events which occurred in our family. Moreover, the trips gave me a better outlook to take my education seriously because not everyone has the opportunity as I had, especially those in Ghana. I hope that Brighton High School and other schools in the Brighton District will teach students the deeper history of indigenous and native people.
Beautiful safe town. It feels like everyone is your neighbor, everyone is always more than willing to help a stranger out. The education that you receive through the BCSD is unparalleled. Go out on any given day and you will always see a smiling face.
The school system in Brighton is ranked extremely high nationwide! It is extremely family friendly, but it does not have that many attractions, lacks in diversity, and is considered a more expensive place to live
I have lived here for 24 years. Sent 3 kids through the public schools. Fantastic town to live in. I moved here from #14 in NYS, Garden City. Brighton is much better.
There are not a lot of opportunities for work in Brighton but the surrounding areas are teeming with businesses and job opportunities. The area is higher end thus the houses are much more expensive yet much better kept than a lot of other areas. The people are very polite and nice and take care of their area. Everyone is active in the community especially the schools.
This is a family neighborhood. There are not many busy streets and many stores and restaurants are within walking distance. Most streets have sidewalks and public transportation is available, if a little spotty on coverage.
My children went to Brighton Schools from 2nd grades to High school. They got wonderful, competitive and challenging education. In addition there are so many highly rated extra activities such as music, sports, and theater programs. We know so many people came back to Brighton to raise their families and send their children to Brighton Schools.
We love our beautiful neighborhood with trees and friendly neighbors. (Also pet friendly) I recommend Brighton highly. Truly the best place to live in Rochester.
Brighton is a suburban township of Rochester, NY. It is friendly, low crime, affordable, and has a good school system. Property taxes are reasonable. The township has its own police force. There is adequate shopping, recreation and other things to do. It is close to major cities by airplane. Yet it is suburban to rural in character. There is not much in the way of commerce and industry here. Employment opportunities are limited. Medical care is abundant and cheap by national standards, as is single family residential housing.
This neighborhood offers family friendly activities, nature parks for recreation and leisure and many retail venues. The atmosphere is healthy and vibrant.
Beautiful upscale neighborhood. Lot's of unique shopping, and restaurants. Excellent school district. Safe neighborhood. Ethnic dining options.
its a good family neighborhood with lots of restaurants and shops. I also has some of the best schools
From a high schoolers perspective, Brighton is a fine town. There are plenty of job opportunities, most places are within walking distance, and the public school system is nationally ranked for are reason. There isn't much of a nightlife, so you either have to make your own fun or go to the city, which isn't such are hassle since Brighton is just south of Rochester. Though you pay quite a bit on property taxes, Brighton is a town where you get what you pay for. It's a safe place to live and the schools prepared me for college well. There areally parks nearby, but I'd like to see more than the two notables: Corbett's Glen and Brighton town park. Also there are 2 Wegmans nearby so it doesn't matter which side of town you live on.
My relatives moved to brighton in the 1800's. I love the ease of the location. The schools are amazing . The people very friendly. It's a community unlike any other. I would describe Brighton NY as a present time Mayberry . Walking the streets on a moon lite evening the street lights glowing as we stroll through our neighborhood .
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From a one bedroom to a 20 . All available
Love the area and the people. Only complaint.. Taxes
The crime rate, like all these days does happen. The police in the area are on it.
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