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It's a close-knit community and an overall safe town. The roads could be better and the nearby high school building could be improved.
Brighton is a small quiet town. Very nice people and cute businesses. Sports teams are good too. Easy to navigate around town.
I know that there is always someone there to lend a hand when it comes to problems and safety. I constantly see squad cards pulling around and they're always in eyesight when big events are going on. They even stop just to say hi and make sure you're doing okay.
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Everyone is famous around here. We have a charming set up of values and morals, but are always welcome to new comers. I would choose this place to live again, because it feels like home. Nothing better than the feeling of somewhere you belong.
Crime is very low in my town. Safety on the other hand could be greatly improved. We need new/better street lights as well as streets and sidewalks.
With the state of the Illinois economy our small community is taking a hard hit. Especially our school system. I like the small town feel and safety that comes with it.
Police/fire station are not far and are always out regarding calls. Roads are terrible. But all in all it's fairly average.
Restaurants are great if you go a town over I guess. Nightlife? What is that?
It's the textbook, midwest small town. There is nothing to do. Nothing to see but farm fields, and most people don't do much with themselves after high school. Most people never leave. They have their children here and their children go to the same high school they did. It cycles endlessly.
The only job market I know anything about it really part time jobs. Basically they are difficult to find if you have to leave for college because nobody will hire you just for the summer because most kids around here don't go to college and can be hired indefinitely.
There isn't much to the business in the area. Most of what is here now was here ten years ago and probably will still be ten years from now. There are really only the basics, a grocery store, gas station, a couple salons, a couple of restaurants nobody goes too. There really is not much to it at all.
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