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I do enjoy the beauty in Brighton, however it is far from diverse. It is full of racist Caucasian white people.
Brighton, Michigan is a very peaceful city overall. I think the educational system in this city are very well rounded. I personally went to Brighton public schools all of my life until college. I found that people here are in majority striving to be successful. The business in Brighton flourish pretty consistently, and the community has several different kinds of events that occur annually. One of the drawbacks of this city is that it is not very diverse. I think diversity is a huge component that this city is missing because it creates a more accepting, different culture.
It started as a small town, but was able to grow over the years. I was lucky enough to experience such change in a city as nice as Brighton. Places have come and gone, but I always liked how connected the community was in Brighton. It's something that I am going to miss about my hometown.
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Brighton, Michigan is a big city. Not too big, but big nonetheless. Attending the public schools has provided many kids a variety of opportunities while also getting a quality education. The neighborhoods are safe and, overall, clean. It within driving distance of some of the biggest attractions in not only Michigan, but also Ohio. The city is cookie-cutter. Some people might be drawn to the sprawling strip malls and populous neighborhoods; however, you can easily get lost in Brighton. Every where you go, you will see people you know but are not friends with--acquaintances. Don't get me wrong, the city has served me well and provided me with a comfortable and safe life so far. But I guess I just prefer the close-knit, small town feel.
Very small town feel, not a whole lot to do at night time because everything closes. There isn't a lot of diversity and just a regular small Michigan town. I've lived here for the past 12 years and plan on moving soon to a nearby city that isn't so dead.
Brighton has everything you need from shopping to restaurants and great schools. We moved away about one year ago and can’t wait to move back hopefully by the end of this year. We do out of district for the kids to go to school we love it that much. It’s a family oriented close knit community. They have lots of fun things and a beautiful park downtown Brighton for the kids to play at. You won’t be disappointed with the choices of restaurants there is everything from Italian to sushi. Parking is great with lots of public parking and easy access to all the stores. Whether it’s looking for things to do with the kids or another grown up Brighton has it all that’s for sure.
I love the small town family friendly atmosphere that Brighton provides. I love the fact that it has historical background and alot of the landmarks are still there.
Brighton, MI has so much to offer. I grew up there, since I was one year old. I was able to watch the town grow and evolve around me. Everyone there is happy to be in such an uplifting environment!
It is getting pretty big but the schools and community are very close. The schools promote community and help within the community
I enjoy how everyone is friendly in Brighton. The town itself is clean and welcoming. There are so many things to do. On the weekends you can go shopping, go downtown, go to the Metroparks, and sky zone too. The school system is outstanding and has given high schoolers lots of opportunities to continue pursuing their education after high school. The only thing that I would change about Brighton would be the types of shops that are downtown. I wish there were more small coffee shops or boutiques.
Brighton is a great place, close to everything but not super crowded. The school system here is great, and people are very nice. Lots of road construction, but overall a really great place with easy access to US 23 and I-96.
I have been in Brighton 25 years and its a nice suburb very comfortable. A lot of town events to enjoy
I enjoy the community a lot. Although it is progressing, main street still feels like a small community which I love.
Brighton is a growing area that offers great shopping, recreation, and a beautiful downtown experience. Awesome restaurants and activities for all ages. Close to metroparks. Family friendly and an awesome place to raise a family. Great schools and a tone of lakes to enjoy!
I love Brighton because it is the perfect size town. It is not too big and not too small, as I feel like I know the majority of the community. There is plenty to do since we are 20 minutes from Ann Arbor and 45 from Detroit. There are also a ton of indoor and outdoor activities to participate in.
Very nice town. Has a good variety of businesses. It is very safe and has a good sense of community.
I have lived in this marvelous city for my whole life. I never plan to leave it.
Everybody here always has a smile on their face and loves to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Brighton is a very safe, affordable, clean, welcoming suburb.
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Brighton has everything you want in a town. We have a phenomenal shopping at the Green Oak Mall, delicious restaurants in downtown, and awesome skiing at Mt. Brighton. From city line to city line, Brighton is your one stop shop for a grand ol' time!
Brighton is very congested and there needs to be some traffic improvement plans. There are many shops and restaurants and a great downtown area with lots of activities. Brighton schools are known to be good and the housing market here is great.
Very nice and safe town with a great downtown area. There are several parks and lakes around the area along with great restaurants and shopping. The schools are also very nice.
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