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Brighton is very congested and there needs to be some traffic improvement plans. There are many shops and restaurants and a great downtown area with lots of activities. Brighton schools are known to be good and the housing market here is great.
Very nice and safe town with a great downtown area. There are several parks and lakes around the area along with great restaurants and shopping. The schools are also very nice.
Brighton is a very nice town. Plenty of job opportunities and things to do. It is also a very family friendly community.
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Brighton is a wonderful family friendly area. There is always something to do, and great places to eat. I would highly recommend Brighton to anyone looking to move to the Livingston county area.
I love Brighton! I think this city is up and coming. There have been a lot of new places to eat and shop. I think that Brighton needs more parking because the downtown area is becoming so busy all the time and I think that people choose to go other places because no one can find a place to park. I also think Uber needs to come to Brighton because people would really utilize it.
Brighton is a great community and offers many activities plus a great school district. The Millpond area off of Main Street is great for families to go hang out. There are many shops, food options, and community engagement activities. Throughout the summer there are many festivals held in the downtown area.
Great community, has a wonderful downtown area, is extremely safe and welcoming. Places to eat are plentiful and has numerous things to do, snow mountain, movies, trampoline place, escape room, etc. You will never get bored! School system is also spectacular, allowing the students to dream and achieve big things!
I have seen a lot of growth and change in Brighton since I moved here. It's a smaller and cute town that isn't too big. I would like to see better road conditions and an in district (Livingston County) community college. I think the Brighton Area Schools need more funding and building repairs as well.
I love that there is almost every convenient in Brighton. Shopping, movies, restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, etc. Brighton is a growing community and offers a lot for people from all walks of life to a senior center, main street bars, smoothie shop, bike shop, hockey rink, etc. Cops regularly drive through subdivisions just to monitor, which is nice even if there is hardly a reason for it. The downtown area is wonderful for families, couples or singles. There's a creperie, brewery and some excellent restaurants. The only thing that is a bother would be the traffic on Grand River during rush-hour (5-7).
Downtown Brighton is clean and quaint. The people are friendly and there's a nice variety of stores and restaurants.
The community with which I reside in has a very supportive atmosphere about it. The citizens are extremely willing to support all other members of the community. If I could do it all over again, I would choose to live here because of this atmosphere and the great group of residents within this area. Compared to everywhere else in the country, it would most likely rank pretty high. I have traveled a lot during my lifetime and have enjoyed numerous other cities and areas, but am always welcomed back into the community by the free-going atmosphere. In the future, I can see this area being extremely successful. It is already growing as a successful area in almost every aspect, including businesses, housing, quality of life, and educations, but the board of education here is working hard to improve the educational systems offered here. They have already built new facilities for academics as well as new public sporting facilities such as tennis courts, turf fields for sports, new football stadiums, a new track with full sized bleachers, and new baseball and softball diamonds and practicing arenas.
Brighton is a really unique and awesome place to grow up and live, don't get me wrong. I just think I would love to live in Ann Arbor. I really enjoy the city and how busy it always is, there's always something going on. Plus its a pretty liberal town with lots of awesome people.
Well kept homes within the city limits. Very tight nit community.
It's a small town so fortunately there is not a lot of crime
Our summers are not what they used to be.
Have to work in a different county to earn a great wage.
Wealthy county with a small town. Could have more stuff for teens to do.
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you gotta look pretty hard
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