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I live here in Brighton Co. I am originally from Phoenix, Az. I absolutely LOVE it here!! The weather is great, this small town doesn't have too much going on, other than the train that crosses the city, but that's about it. It's away from the noisy Denver City, and somewhat close to the mountains, so if I'm feeling adventurous just a couple hours to get up there and have a blast!
Brighton is an extremely serene town. There are great public schools for children and adolescents alike. After school, there is a boys and girls club for children to attend and have fun. Brighton has many stores and restaurants to enjoy with friends and family. There is a cinema and recreation center available to everyone as well. Brighton is always booming with job opportunities and is centered close to Denver where an individual can seek more opportunities. This town is slowly expanding, more houses are being built as well as apartments. The people of Brighton are bright! The diversity of this town is made up of everyone.
Brighton is a small suburb of Denver. Very quiet and safe compared to a big city like Denver. It is close to Denver and the mountains.
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Brighton is a quiet town but yet it is up and coming. Located in between Denver and Denver International Airport, it is a conveniently located town with a diverse population.
Its a small town in Colorado and it is the best place to be. Everyone around town is very kind and always happy. There is lots of farmland and agriculture as well as established home neighborhoods to live in.
Brighton is affordable and quiet, but full of life. The residents of Brighton come out en mass to celebrate holidays. There is a healthy amount of variety in the food and things to do around town.
Very quiet, nice place to live. Small town, everything within a 15 minute or so drive. I lived in Brighton for almost 5 years and cant wait to move back.
Brighton is a small but amazing town that continues to grow. There is a variety of places to eat. You have Mexican, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Then you also have the Prairie Center.There's many stores to shop at and many restaurants to eat at. There is a target which I can spend all my time there. There is Kohl's, JCPenny's, Ross, and many more. You also have Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, Red-Robin, Subway, and Old Chicago. Then you also have the Brighton Pavilions where there is a movie theater, a gym some places to eat like Qdoba, South Philly Cheese Steaks and Pho, a realtor and insurance place, and my favorite place, Cold Stone where they have ice cream. They are also adding a place called Berry Blendz that have the best smoothies I have ever had. The only thing I would add to Brighton is more activities to do, the main thing to do is go to the movies so I think something that'll attract the teenagers is something that is needed in this town.
It’s quiet but not far from Downtown Denver. Brighton is nearby a lot of larger cities so anything is within 15-30 minute drive, it would be nice to have more shops and restaurants but it’s up and coming so hopefully more will come soon!
Brighton is the perfect city 45 minutes northeast of Denver. Throughout the years it has being developing and new schools and stores have been built. Its a small but pretty decent size town. All the people are friendly and always willing to help.
I love Brighton! It is small, but not too small, and it is not too large either. The people in Brighton are, in general, very nice, and it is a pretty quiet town. There are some fun things to do, such as going to the Prairie Center, the Wagon Wheel, Pavilions, Candis' Coffee Table, and more. It's also a nice place to relax in.
It is a safe and beautiful city. There is not a lot to do but downtown there is a movie theatre and a great ice cream shop. It is a small town and everyone knows everyone.
growing up in Brighton, was a great experience. The schools were awesome. Great family up bringing with a lot of the local family. It would be a good place to retire.
I love this little town. I feel like there are so many friendly people here. I have not yet found a place I hate to go.
Very quiet, nice environment with friendly people all around. It is a small city, so everything is nearby. It close to the airport and about 30 minutes from downtown Denver. There is not a lot of traffic since not many people live here. It is a growing city and there are many new areas such as the Praire Center and other new communities.
Since moving to Brighton in 2013, I have fallen in love with the small town feel mixed with all the necessities of a big city. I do wish we had more dining options that weren't chain restaurants, but local places have great menues.
I have lived in Brighton for two years now and have never had any issues with neighbors or city itself. It is a very big family oriented place to raise children.
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Close community and friendly as far as I have experienced it. Has really good schools (Eagle Ridge Academy and Bromley East Charter School). A safe and friendly environment.
I liked how peaceful and quiet it is. Definitely different from the city. I would like to see more stores and places to eat but other that that dont really have any complaints.
A nice town known for its sweet corn. A tight knit community with easy access to Denver, the Mountains and a quick drive up to Wyoming. Great for new families or people looking to retire to a quiet place.
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