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Brighton is a smaller city, close enough to the city life of Denver. Quiet community. Brighton is very resourceful.
Close community and friendly as far as I have experienced it. Has really good schools (Eagle Ridge Academy and Bromley East Charter School). A safe and friendly environment.
I liked how peaceful and quiet it is. Definitely different from the city. I would like to see more stores and places to eat but other that that dont really have any complaints.
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It is far enough to be close to Denver, But close enough to still be close to town. It is a newer part of the city.
A nice town known for its sweet corn. A tight knit community with easy access to Denver, the Mountains and a quick drive up to Wyoming. Great for new families or people looking to retire to a quiet place.
Small town feel with great neighbors and amenities. The schools are staffed with teachers who care and many opportunities. There are many locally owned restaurants to enjoy a sit down dinner and small shops for leisure. Additionally ally, there are several dog parks, running trails, and way access to a state park and bird conservation.
Brighton is a "cow town" that quickly turned into a fast growing city. But still has the warm welcoming feeling of a small town mentality. Residents are typically willing to give directions , welcome you in for coffee and share the history of the city they live in.
I grew up outside Brighton. Most of the town is pretty old but the outskirts are constantly being upgraded with new housing developments and shopping centers.
Brighton is a very nice community with all the classic perks of being a small town. It is becoming a lot more developed and is quickly expanding.
One positive about Brighton is that there are a variety of stores nearby to provide you with anything you would need. Taxes are a little high. The schools are average, with the charter schools performing above average.
I enjoyed the small town feel of Brighton, CO. Everyone is very friendly. One thing I would change would be more restaurants. If you want a good stake you need to drive 45 minutes to find a place.
When I am visiting the Brighton area, there is always someone outside enjoying the day. I wasn't too sure on how I would fit in, but it was quite easy. The neighbors are friendly and kind, on occasion we'll have them over for lunch or dinner. The parks are usually in top condition, unless the weather disturbs that.
I live in Northwest brighten my school district is bright and 20 7J. 20 7J is not a very good school district that are lacking in academics sports the number schools that are needed for the growth especially in the northwest area funding. Overall we live in the newer Thorton location newer Brighton location neighborhoods are good shopping is good highway access is good entertainment is fair. But I have to admit my children are so very unhappy with their schools and I am not too sure if they're getting all of their academic needs met.Because of her school district I would only give a rating at two in our location otherwise I would give it a three for an average location to grow up. If it was in the Adams 12 school district which is which right across the road practically from us I would probably give it a four as those are 12 Star schools
Brighton is a nice small town growing fast, the schools are not to productive in advancing the childrens educaltion they just shuffle them right through. People are kind and friendly. Homes are being built to fast and as good of quality.
There is a lot to be said about the suburb of Brighton. It's a town where many just pass through. To me, it's where I can navigate practically blindfolded. It's where shop owners and everyday folk greet you with a friendly smile. Brighton is where I proudly call home.
Brighton is a great place to live! People are friendly, and there is plenty to do. It has a small town vibe, its fairly quiet and there isn't any crime, but there's always something to do like in the big cities. I love Brighton.
Nice small town feel, with a strong farming community influence. Seasonal community activities such as cultural fairs, musical and art events at the armory, and local safety events make this suburb of Denver feel very homey. Easy access to Denver by way of I-76 and generally lower housing prices make this town ideal for those who commute to other parts of the Denver Metropolitan area.
Review Brighton
Brighton is a decent place to live, family friendly and easy access to the town. It is a small town so everyone knows everyone but recently there seems to be a spike in crime. I am not sure what can e done to help the community with this but after I myself have been burglarized I feel less safe.
Your average response unit in the average time i presume. Ive never had any problems with the authority here.
I live in a very kid friendly place with someone familiar to talk to every day keeping you company and entertained every step of the way. It used to be a small town with a small farming population but Brighton over the last decade has turned into a small city with anything and almost everything you need right here in town. The location also happens to be a mere 30 minutes from Denver but also only 20 from the country that North East Colorado has to offer.
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