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Very quiet, nice environment with friendly people all around. It is a small city, so everything is nearby. It close to the airport and about 30 minutes from downtown Denver. There is not a lot of traffic since not many people live here. It is a growing city and there are many new areas such as the Praire Center and other new communities.
this is a great place to live. full of wonderful opportunity to grow. safe to live, have a family. Good place to find a job, close to downtown and surrounding areas. full of all types of different cultures. Fabulous foods to eat, and the night life. A fun way to spend time with family and friends, or make new ones. Beautiful scenery to look at from day to nightfall.
Since moving to Brighton in 2013, I have fallen in love with the small town feel mixed with all the necessities of a big city. I do wish we had more dining options that weren't chain restaurants, but local places have great menues.
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I have lived in Brighton for two years now and have never had any issues with neighbors or city itself. It is a very big family oriented place to raise children.
I have lived in Brighton most of my life and find that it is an good place to raise your family. It is a middle class to low class income families. This area is growing for housing and work. I wish the schools were more pro-active and there more opportunities for the children in town, but it is limited for resources to be provided.
Brighton is an ever-changing and growing city. As more and more people move to Brighton, the housing market is becoming more expensive and the majority of public schools are over-flowing with youth.
I love the small town community in Brighton. The city runs a lot of events and has made it easy to connect with others in the city.
Brighton offers great views of the mountains and plenty of space, but it lacks a sense of identity and culture, seemingly an empty land waiting for more and more real estate development.
Brighton is a smaller city, close enough to the city life of Denver. Quiet community. Brighton is very resourceful.
Close community and friendly as far as I have experienced it. Has really good schools (Eagle Ridge Academy and Bromley East Charter School). A safe and friendly environment.
I liked how peaceful and quiet it is. Definitely different from the city. I would like to see more stores and places to eat but other that that dont really have any complaints.
It is far enough to be close to Denver, But close enough to still be close to town. It is a newer part of the city.
A nice town known for its sweet corn. A tight knit community with easy access to Denver, the Mountains and a quick drive up to Wyoming. Great for new families or people looking to retire to a quiet place.
Small town feel with great neighbors and amenities. The schools are staffed with teachers who care and many opportunities. There are many locally owned restaurants to enjoy a sit down dinner and small shops for leisure. Additionally ally, there are several dog parks, running trails, and way access to a state park and bird conservation.
Brighton is a "cow town" that quickly turned into a fast growing city. But still has the warm welcoming feeling of a small town mentality. Residents are typically willing to give directions , welcome you in for coffee and share the history of the city they live in.
I grew up outside Brighton. Most of the town is pretty old but the outskirts are constantly being upgraded with new housing developments and shopping centers.
Brighton is a very nice community with all the classic perks of being a small town. It is becoming a lot more developed and is quickly expanding.
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One positive about Brighton is that there are a variety of stores nearby to provide you with anything you would need. Taxes are a little high. The schools are average, with the charter schools performing above average.
I enjoyed the small town feel of Brighton, CO. Everyone is very friendly. One thing I would change would be more restaurants. If you want a good stake you need to drive 45 minutes to find a place.
When I am visiting the Brighton area, there is always someone outside enjoying the day. I wasn't too sure on how I would fit in, but it was quite easy. The neighbors are friendly and kind, on occasion we'll have them over for lunch or dinner. The parks are usually in top condition, unless the weather disturbs that.
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