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I grew up here, its a small town with not much to do.
I really love where I live. It's where I grew up and it's a great place for a family. I don't see myself ever leaving this area. My family and I have never felt that our safety was at risk so I think it's a lot safer than most places. I live near a lot of wooden areas and rivers so there are a lot of family activites to do outside. For example, you can ride 4-wheelers and dirtbikes on trails in the woods or go fishing in a nearby river, lake, or pond. There is also a skiing and snowboarding park and a movie theater nearby. I definitely see this community expanding sometime in the near future.
Although I love where I love and I would choose to live here all over again, it is quite the small town and can sometimes be boring. However, it is only 30 minutes away from Cincinnati where there is plenty of things to do if you are willing to make the commute. The people here are generally friendly and the town is a great big family if something devastating or amazing happens. Everyone is supportive of one another.
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I live in the country but close to a big city, so lots to do.
This is a very small town, so there is not much competition among the different types of businesses. We have one bank, one laundromat, a Dollar General, a drug store, a McDonalds, a Subway, three hair salons, three bar-n-grills and one sit down Mexican restaurant. We have a little of everything, but not a lot of anything.
This is a very small town, so the job opportunities in the area are a bit scarce. There are a few restaurants for younger people to get their first job, and other career jobs, like doctors office, veterinary office, banks, landscaping, and day care, but not many places where you can find high paying career jobs.
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