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The people are friendly and the area is very safe. The schools are great and the commute time to college is not bad at all.
It is a great city, quiet atmosphere that anyone could enjoy and so serene. It is always great to see all the yard sales in the summer and it's very nice stuff. Majority of all the childrenal in the neighborhoods play well together.
The police here are fantastic
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Its is a great town with a friendly environment
Barely any crime in Brigantine that's notable.
I love living in Brigantine. I wouldn't change it for the world ever since I experienced going away to college. I respect the community I grew up in and applaud them for making Brigantine a place everyone would want to live.
There is not a lot of crime. If anything it's juvenile stuff. I haven't run into anything dangerous.
It's a great place to spend a weekend or life. Great for families. Its close to the big cities too.
it is a nice area to live in, not much crime is around
The area in which I reside, is one that is welcoming and truly feels like home. I could not imagine myself living any where else.
It is a great and beautiful area; however, the economy has effected the quality of life tremendously. People find it very hard to make a living and provide for their families.
Beautiful in the summer. Very cold in the winter.
I have no idea of the employment other than my own. I have a job but there are no hours because there is no business.
Large housing is popping up everywhere but people aren't buying the properties. No one is moving here because it is too expensive.
Everyone is friendly and clean.
I can get everything I need.
Houses are close together and yards are usually small.
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There are many small, family-oriented businesses and other larger chains, but there is not a great variety of stores and not everything is easily affordable. The town is primarily a beach town, so prices always increase in the summertime.
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