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Brier is a wonderful small community nestled within King County and Snohomish County. Very strict town codes prohibit apartments which lends quite the community oriented atmosphere to the town.
Rarely any crime. Police stop speeders for going a bit over the limit
The place is very quiet and nice to live in. Yet the city is not far away
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The local police are approachable and easy to talk to. They respond fast when called.
I have lived here my entire life, in fact I live in the same house that I grew up in and have never moved. Brier is a small community with a relaxing vibe, yet larger cities like Seattle are very accessible. I can be downtown in twenty minutes on average.

We have growing businesses and an expanding local college campus, where I attend school- UW Bothell. This is a great place to live. I love everything about it.
I really enjoy the neighborhood I live in. We do talk to some of our neighbors and have made a friend out of one of them. People are usually willing to help you out if you need it and this community is incredibly giving. The neighbors watch out for each other and even help the police when they can. It is a city, but we're kind of like our own little small town.
Most public services that are needed are available
Mostly very safe,, low crime rate. police are always around
I love rain, and thats exactly what you get here. so...
Its okay, pizzeria (Brier Pizza) is very exceptionary.
the cities around have a large selections of job options
It is a very small town. So there is only one grocery store, one coffee stand, and a pizzaria. But there are large cities around with great buninesses.
We don't have any state or nat. parks nearby. The nearest beach is 20 minutes away, and the nearest mountain is 45 minutes away.
Some things are improving, but life here pretty much doesn't change.
There are not really any events that go on, except for the 'Sea Scare' parade that happens in the summer.
There is basically no crime, or none that is big enough to hear about. We have our own police force with a few cars, and they do a great job of catching speeders going down the main roads.
Most of the people who live in my town are white, straight, and were brought up with christianity.
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Lots of houses in my city, and I would say 95% have a nicely sized yard, a garage, and a driveway. Mostly families with children live here, and I feel safe walking around.
There are local businesses practically on every block. Many chioces to choose from if you need to wash your clothes, or want to grab a bite to eat.
There are many restaurants in and around the area where I live.
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