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Bridgman Michigan has been my home for a little over 12 years now, I love the people here, the beach, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Compared to other local communities, it doesn't have as high of a demand, but if you're looking for a nice community, with great local businesses, and a relaxing beach, but miles of dunes; Bridgman Is the place to be!
this is one of the best areas in the country to get in touch with nature
some of the people can be snobby, its a small town and everyone knows everyones business. but its small and quiet
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in all my years of living here, ive never heard of a serious crime in the area.
no concern of a natural disaster, but it gets quite cold in the winter
we have 3 bars in the area, no night clubs or other options than that
its not the hardest thing in the world to find a summer job around here, but i dont think it would be the best place in search of a quality, high paying career
We don't have many businesses in my small town with one stop light. We do have a local grocery store that does the job, along with a few small restaurants, completed with a subway, pizza hut, and mcdonalds
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