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I have grown up in Bridgewater my entire life and I have to say it's a pretty great place to live. The public school system is excellent, there are many recreation centers, a mall, and a surplus amount of parks to enjoy a nice day at. There isn't anything thats outstanding and attracts a lot of people besides the John Basilone memorial, but it has everything a person needs to live a happy life.
Bridgewater is a nice town in terms of education and resources. There is an extremely diverse population, however, a majority of the town seems to be upper middle class privileged people. The one highlight of the town is the Bridgewater Commons Mall, that seems to be becoming more and more expensive.
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Bridgewater has Excellent schools, plenty of great shopping, restaurants, overall friendly community. Safe to raise a family. Close to major highways. It takes about 40 mins to get to NY and 40 min to get to the beaches. Not far from PA. We love living in Bridgewater, NJ
It's a nice, safe suburb with easy access to many shopping centers and a large mall. The public schools are also very good.
I love going to Bridgewater Raritan High School. We are extremely diverse, and the teachers and staff provide a very warm learning environment. You are able to easily choose the caliber of your classes, and make your learning experience flexible! Bridgewater itself is a very lively, always busy town. You can find grocery stores, drug stores, and retail stores around every corner, and everything is quite easily accessible. There are not many "shady" spots in town, and we are also pretty green and environmentally friendly! Wouldn't wanna live anywhere else in New Jersey:)
It's great great great great great great great great great great great great fest great great love it here I grew up here it's a great place to live
A primarily suburban area. It has great housing and character but not a very large commercial area. The most popular probably being the commons mall.
Bridgewater is a large town in the center of a lot. It's made for the growing family, so growing up there was a good experience. There really isn't anything I would change!
Friendly and quiet Township to reside. It is very large and surrounded by smaller townships which can be confusing when it comes to directions and locations of establishments.
Great town to live in. Very safe and unique. We have the best public schools and the best stores and restaurants.
I have lived in Bridgewater New Jersey all my life. I think it is an amazing town for kids to grow up in. The school districts are amazing. There are many shopping centers as well as gyms and many options for employment!
it is a quiet and family oriented place. it is an overall a nice place to live. there are nice parks, and nice country area. The schools offer great education. i d like to get the schools free of drugs
I grew up in Bridgewater when I moved here in third grade. Awesome school district with excellent sports programs and communities to stay close with.
Bridgewater New Jersey is a pleasant suburb. It is largely safe and has mostly middle to upper middle class residents. Bridgewater Commons Mall is a central hub and is one of the better retail experiences in the state. The selection of bars and restaurants is limited.
Great school system, very quiet, great for families. Grew up in this town very nice location. I would highly recommend
Bridgewater is an interesting town. It is relatively safe, but you can cross the tracks very fast and the town will go from good to bad. I would love it if people were more inviting and enthusiastic in this town.
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great town. lots of stores, great safe communities, great schools, lots of opportunities for jobs due to many pharmaceutical companies in area and also close to New York
There are a couple of sections of Bridgewater; Finderne and Bradley Gardens. I live in the Bradley Gardens area and it is a quiet neighborhood. It is very rare if any crimes occur in this area, I rarely see cops driving around. Conveniently located ten minutes from the Bridgewater Commons mall, the high school, Raritan Valley Community college.. access to major highways are easy to get to.
Huge town with many things to offer. Large mall, and carious other shopping around town. Great restaurants around town. Highways that can connect to any where from NYC to Philadelphia
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