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Small bedroom community, growing larger due to high cost of living closer to the city. State University has added to their on campus student housing.
I liked all of the restaurants and how their are plenty of coffee places. I would like to see some more construction taking down some vacant areas.
Good school systems, close to highways, great playgrounds for children, very safe, 40 minutes south of Boston
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A rating of 3.6 stars would be most appropriate.

Bridgewater is your standard Bostonian suburb, I suppose. Wedged in the middle of Boston, Cape Cod and Providence, it seems just far enough away from any great economic activity and fun. :) Perhaps I am looking at matters rather critically, but I find Bridgewater to be a bit on the sleepy end of the scale.

Otherwise, there is certainly enough in the town to meet your basic needs. Gas stations along with grocery, drug and convenience stores seemingly inundate every corner. As a single man, I have a bias not to highly prioritize how family friendly Bridgewater is. I would imagine that the proximity to major highways (I-95 and Route 24), relative quietude, high safety levels, decent public education, and housing costs that are presumably lower than in towns closer to Boston all adds up a reasonably attractive location for the middle or upper-middle-class family.
Local university can make traffic heavy, especially at the start of a semester. Good place to get a decent education and convenient access to Boston.
I am a lifelong resident of this wonderful town. I have been part of the community for nearly 47 years. My father was a police officer, constable, and at one time selectman of Bridgewater. My roots here are deep. I have witnessed many changes over the years, with the town expanding in population and many new businesses. One thing that remains is the tight knit nature of it's residents, both new and old. I highly recommend this town to anybody considering moving to the South Shore Massachusetts area!
I love the town of Bridgewater, small, everything close, a college town, there a various small shops along with well known restaurants and fast food joints.
I have lived in Bridgewater for over 3 years. I lived right near the college it is a great place to live. The center has everything you need from good take out food to sit down resturants, along with great shopping places like Burlington Coat Factory.
Grew up in this small college town. Over the years it has been growing along with the college. More people= more traffic, but the town has done a pretty good job keeping up with the increase in population.
The most prevalent crime in the area is rape allegations on the campus of Bridgewater State University. During the past school year, police were very present and campus security was tightened down severely. While rape allegations did not cease entirely, they did decrease after campus police and the town police department were more present and offered more services for rape victims
Bridgewater is a great place for children to live! The town has a pretty young population and sports teams do very well. Everyone is very friendly here and overall it is just a very welcoming place to live!
a pretty safe area, not much crime
Safe environment but not much to do
People are friendly and helpful
Although there is a prison nearby people rarely escape. Crime is very low mostly its just domestic disputes that get police in the area.
This area is very aesthetically pleasing and safe, however there is an issue with the kids in the area and drug usage. Another issue is there are very few new businesses, or employment opportunities in general around here, as it is mainly residential.
Not really sure about the crime rate. Seems safe enough
Review Bridgewater
It's a nice quiet suburb. I'd like to see more young adult activities other than sports. There's also not slot of diversity in businesses. I'd also like to see the school ground better maintained. Most people are friendly and helpful.
I feel very safe here, the crime rate seems pretty low and most crimes that are committed are not extremely serious, and the police are very attentive and responsive.
I would absolutely live here again, the atmosphere is very safe, clean, and comfortable. I think this is a great part of the country with great jobs, colleges, and other services. I would definitely want to live here in comparison to countless other places in the country. I think Massachusetts in general has a promising future.
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