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I love the cleanliness of Bridgeville. The people are very nice and friendly. It is a safe, quiet place to raise a family. I would recommend it to anyone.
Bridgeville has the charm that could win someone's heart instantly. It has many things within walking distance such as gas stations, grocery stores, a movie theater. It is a wonderful place filled with culture. It is a major highway exit. There is something always going on in "Bville" and its booming. There is lots to offer in this smaller family oriented community. Everyone is always outside in nice weather, it is a very active community in which you know all your neighbors which is very reassuring to everyone. You can always find people walking their pets and enjoying time with children. We pride ourselves on being the best we can with the community. I would recommend Bridgeville to any family to come and join the community with wonderful living.
Great town, plenty of close-by shopping and conveniences. Small shops and community. Development of new housing and shops. Really know your neighbors. Safe neighborhoods with tight knit communities. Hi rises for seniors. Great school district. School district has a lot of activities for the kids and programs to keep the kids involved and interested. Easy commute to Washington Pa or Pittsburgh, PA. Close to I-79. Lots of opportunities for jobs. Cost is average to live here. Gas prices higher than other areas. Major grocery stores and retail shopping. Currently live in Bridgeville for the last 17 years and very happy with buying my home here.
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Love that it's expanding and bringing many offers to the area. Traffic coordination could be better though
I have little to no issues with crime and safety in this area.
Pretty good general atmosphere. Almost everyone is very friendly. I would choose here to live with my family again if I could do it all over. In the future I could see this area growing even more, more businesses opening up, more houses being made, and more families moving in. It's a great community and there are a good number of events to get to know each other.
Nothing horrible happens, for example no domestic violence or shootings, more along the lines of disturbances
Small town but very close to the city
Some housing quality is low, but not on my street.
Our community is very tight-knitted.
Some areas have problems with this, but not my area
I love living in Bridgeville.
Decent resturaunt a but no clubs in the area. Slot of the bars are closing down.
A lot of jobs great for kids my age. But they're not always the best.
Some decent business's in the area. Local owned are the best.
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