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Bridgetown is a quite little suburb great private schools and good public schools. Close enough to the city and school but far enough to have a small town feel.
Bridgetown is a part of what Cincinnatians call the "west side." This area is filled with family homes, restaurants, schools within the Oak Hills School District, and many shopping locations. Bridgetown is overall quite an alright place to live.
I, luckily, have never needed the police but I am always told to lock my doors, to make sure I am never alone (being a 85 pound girl), to make sure anything in my car is hidden away, even if it is just a handful of change. Also Cincinnati is one of the least safe cities in the country, but I have not really seen that side of it.
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I love Cincinnati, I just moved in with my grandmother, who has lived here since my mom was in college. It is a bad are in some spots, but my college campus is safe and the condominium I live in is safe as well. There are new businesses opening on a regular basis. I would probably choose to live here again after college, but at the same time I would like to explore other areas. Compared to everywhere else in the country it is not very safe, but it has great museums and the zoo is amazing as well.
This area is slowly decaying, but it still holds value compared the the surrounding areas
Every one here is relatively friendly, and have pride of where they live. This neighborhood is surrounded by other counties that don't have the nicest reviews
Stories of bank robberies, child abductions and drug deals are common for this neighborhood.
Horrible school district. Inconsiderate neighbors. Close to stores, restaurants and downtown.
I feel safe in my neighbrhood.
I love the neighborhood where I live however it is not the nicest place in the area.
As a UC student, Clifton is very dangerous for me
Housing really only depends on the area you are in. Some areas have large beautiful homes with very well kept lawns with long driveways, where some are small homes, some can be poor quality, with some pretty damaged driveways. If you want a large home that isn't as fancy as most modern homes, Price Hill can be the place for you. Though, Price Hill at the same time, isn't a great area to live in. I've heard of many car break-ins, I see beautiful large homes that get turned into trash, for example people I have seen homes that were once beautiful but now have trash all over the front yard, broken windows, and my biggest pet peeve of all time- princess bed sheets as window curtains. I even see vacant homes/ abandoned properties everywhere. My grandmother lives in Price Hill and I worry about her safety constantly. She has lived in that area since she was a child and in her days Price Hill was an expensive area. Her neighbors are loud, rude, her landlord doesn't keep up with her home at ALL. Her home has cracked walls and ceilings, he is a hoarder and keeps his stuff in her backyard and driveway, took him two weeks to get the mold out of her closet, and has no concerns for her safety in the winter when there is ice on the porch and steps. Her neighbors home took 7 years to be torn down due to bug infestation as well. So what I'm suggesting, is that you stay in the West side of CIncinnati but stay out of Price Hill as much as possible.
Cincinnati has natural parks everywhere. Even in the city! They keep all parks very clean, they care for the parks wildlife, and keep the parks looking absolutely beautiful. We have trails in every park, and in most we have kayaking/canoeing accessibility. My absolute favorite park is Miami White Water! Miami has bike trails, a large pond for fishing and kayaking/canoeing, a water park for children, and even picnic/camping areas for your family to get together and have fun. I can always count on Cincinnati for a good park to go for a walk with beautiful views!
I haven't payed too much attention to crime in my area, but from what I have seen the police are very responsive. I must admit, Walnut Hills is not the best place to live. I feel like I see Walnut Hills is on the news almost constantly due to robberies and shootings, but the police show up on site in a heart beat. During the day and night I always drive by police cars. I always feel safe in Cincinnati because I know that our police care for our safety. They patrol our areas to make sure we are driving in a safe speed limit, at nights they keep an eye out for drunk drivers, they drive by bars and keep an eye on them to keep a safe environment, etc'. You can ALWAYS count on Cincinnati policeman!
I have to admit, sometimes we have rough winters in the Cincinnati. Winters is the only problematic season out of the whole year. I have lived in Cincinnati for 15 years and I can only remember being stuck inside my house due to bad winter road condition maybe once or twice a year, sometimes not at all. Cincinnati keeps up with salting the roads and keep the roads safe for the civilians so we can make it to work with little to problems. I'd say that if Cincinnati, OH weather was as warm as Florida in December, it'd be the most perfect city to live in! Once you live in Cincinnati, it's hard to leave. Once a Cincinnatian, always a Cincinnatian! We are proud people!
In Western Hills, you have restaurants and bars EVERYWHERE! On Glenway, you have Mexican, Greek, Chinese, BBQ, Italian, and other fancy European restaurants- and many of them allow you to buy so much for the cost of so little! For example, yesterday I went to Chopstick House and bought myself a big delicious meal of Beef Lo Mein and 2 Spring Rolls ending in the cost of $6.04. It's crazy how affordable that is! Let's say you went for the evening with a few friends and just finished dinner, now you're all thinking of going out for some drinks and can't seem to know of a good bar. Well, you're in luck! In Cheviot you have a large variety of bars, there's more than a handful of them in one spot. On the weekends you drive by the bars and almost all of them are packed before ten o'clock. I may not be a drinker myself, but every time I drive by those bars at night I can't help but think that we must have some pretty good beer and nightlife businesses!
Considering that the area consists more of retail stores and fast food restaurants, the employment works better for those who need a temporary job. If you're in high school and need a job to help pay for your college tuition, phone bills, car insurance, and extra spending money, then the Hamilton County is the place for you. If you're picky on the kind of job you want, the west side on Cincinnati can be of great help for you because you can work at either a gym, restaurant, or retail store. You really don't have many limits on where you can go, I mean, there are businesses everywhere and someone is always hiring.
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In Hamilton County, the local businesses are the best, You can find anything you need all in one area. For example, I never need to go across the city to find a new outfit, shoes, a good restaurant, etc'. Everything you need is in a walking distance from each other. You can even use Western Hills Plaza as an example, you have Panda Express, an Eye-Mart, shoes store, a few retail stores like Rue21, Target, and TJMAX, then maybe you want to get your nails done? Well, you're in luck because there's a nail salon right next door. Now, you are looking to buy some home/dorm decor, so you walk right into Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you continue on and see art supply stores, dollar stores, shoes stores, etc'. You even have a large grocery store right across the street with a mini clinic and more restaurants. You have hair salons, a tattoo parlor, a sporting goods shop, electronic store, and a couple of gyms. All these businesses are well kept and look pretty trustworthy. I am proud to live in the West side of town because, well, we really do have everything!
Short drive in any direction can get you to a wonderful park
It has a large business district. The crime that occurs is mostly in this area and not the suburban area around it.
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