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It's not the worst place to live, and some of the people are very nice, but it isn't the safest place either. It's not the kind of neighborhood where it's safe to let your children walk around at night.
Great city services, friendly neighbors, good schools. Lots of choices of restaurants and shopping opportunities.
It is a nice community with a brand new community center with indoor pool. Bridgeton has a lot of new stores and restaurants in the area.
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Bridgeton is a pretty diverse town with an awesome school district. That's what I love the most about this town. St. Louis is a pretty divided city but Bridgeton defeats the odds. Another good thing is the amount of shopping and restaurants. There is both a Walmart and Target, and an abundance of restaurants. New stores and commerce pops up all the time.
The crime rate in this area is relatively low in relation to the surrounding areas.
The location of this area is nice in the sense that it is located near a lot of different restaurants, stores, parks, etc. Although, after visiting other states I would not choose this location to live in permanently.
It's acceptable, the crime in my subdivision isn't high at all
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