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I grew up in Bridgeton and it has a lot of family history. There is a lot of diversity in the town.
Growing up right outside of bridgeton, I never felt safe being in it. I never would walk down the street because of how unsafe I felt. So many kids and people have died on those streets. So many poor people. It breaks my heart and I would do anything to help my town.
Although given a bad reputation for things done in the past like race riots at the schools in the ‘90s, teen pregnancies, and a high level if violence, the kids there are different. Each child has something really special about them, whether it be their humor, their talents, or their morals, these kids are so diverse and different than the more privileged kids in the surrounding neighborhoods. If only people stopped giving them a bad reputation to, almost, have to live up to the kids wouldn’t feel looked at like animals.
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I like the history, and I wish the crime would change. The real estate market in town is flooded with subdivided apartments of questionable leglity which are home to many illegal immigrants.
Inexpensive real estate. Low traffic and lots of discount markets. The people are friendly and helpful. Diverse community.
Bridgeton is an old town with a lot of history behind it. It just needs a bit of improvement. Overall it is a nice town its just sometimes the resdients get carried away.
I have lived in Bridgeton my whole life. The high school could be better, just as the town overall could be, but that being said, even with the rough edges, it feels like a home to all that welcome it. There's not many activities to do in town beside skate 2000 and maybe go to the almish market, everything else requires a car. But its a very familiar comfy place, where you can just ride your bike or play soccer at the fields, or just drive around town with your friends. Sure there are dangers, but I've never experienced any myself. Even though I plan to move away to somewhere slightly bigger and better someday, its actually not so bad a place to grow up in.
I would like there to be more fun activities. There are rarely festivals with a big turnout so you normally have to go to a nearby town for entertainment. The community is close and most students know everyone else. The high school offers many after school programs for everyone.
I was born and raised in this city. I love my city but it has started to get bad with the killings and the increase in crime. My grandmother bought her home in this town and now I fear for her safety in the same neighborhood I grew up in. I would like to bring jobs to the area and recreational opportunities for the children there.
I love the historic districts. The houses are beautiful. It's a very cultural town. Most people were born and raised here. They know a lot about the town and appear to enjoy sharing the town's history. I also love the slow pace of the town; which is unlike that of the city where I was reared.
I like Bridgeton because this is where I was born and raised. Although there are not many opportunities and alot of proverty I like this place the most because there is no place like home. I hope to see more business buildings and job opportunities as well as more medical centers for people without health insurance
I dont like anything about it. I would clean up the city and the crime. I would also tear down a lot of the abandoned buildings and homes and build affordable housing for the under privileged.
I currently reside in Bridgeton New Jersey. I love the attributes of the old time country setting. Bridgeton has townships, one of which is Hopewell. It is a beautiful township with shade tree roads and the smell of fresh cut grass. I would recommend anyone to come and visit this historic town. Its school, Hopewell Township, is rated one of the most advanced in grading. The streets and roads are safe to walk or ride a bike. Bridgeton is family friendly. If you are looking to buy a home, Hopewell would be an ideal place to settle down. Prices of home property taxes and cost of living would be in the median price ranges. There are a wide array of diverse nationalities residing here. Most of my neighbors and friends stay fit because of nearby lakes, walkways, and preserved land set aside for just these reasons.
Bridgeton is not the best city but it is where I grew up it has a lot of historical places many incidents but it is a good little town
Bridgeton could be very beautiful but it definitely needs some up keep. The people are very nice and it's a very diverse place! Lots to see and do! We even have our own zoo!
Has a diverse population. The poverty level is high. There are not enough after school programs. The crime rate is high and continues to rise.
I lived in this town for most of my life and it has changed alot in 20 years. Unfortunately crime has grown in the area. It's very diverse with people. There are small family owned businesses around the town. The park is beautiful and nothing is too far to reach in the town.
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Bridgeton has many pros and cons. They do have a very nice zoo, and splash park. There are some good restaurants to eat at in the surrounding areas. However, I would not want to be walking around the city at night. There are some very sketchy areas. I have mixed feelings about Bridgeton. I do like that it is very close to the shore, Delaware and Philadelphia.
My experience of this town would be that many of the people that live there are very closed minded. If I could recommend anything it would be to push the residents to have bigger goals dreams and encourage them that they are attainable.
nice town, the people need to work on keeping it clean. there tends to be a lot of trash laying around the community
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