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Has a diverse population. The poverty level is high. There are not enough after school programs. The crime rate is high and continues to rise.
I lived in this town for most of my life and it has changed alot in 20 years. Unfortunately crime has grown in the area. It's very diverse with people. There are small family owned businesses around the town. The park is beautiful and nothing is too far to reach in the town.
Bridgeton has many pros and cons. They do have a very nice zoo, and splash park. There are some good restaurants to eat at in the surrounding areas. However, I would not want to be walking around the city at night. There are some very sketchy areas. I have mixed feelings about Bridgeton. I do like that it is very close to the shore, Delaware and Philadelphia.
My experience of this town would be that many of the people that live there are very closed minded. If I could recommend anything it would be to push the residents to have bigger goals dreams and encourage them that they are attainable.
nice town, the people need to work on keeping it clean. there tends to be a lot of trash laying around the community
Bridgeton is a city in Cumberland County, New Jersey, in the United States. It's in the south part of the state, on the Cohansey Rivee near the Delaware Bay. It was really beautiful back in 1940. Over the years as busniness got closed down the city slowly but surely started going down. There still some historical sections around which helps golify the beauty which helps bring back the smiles. Some consider it to be country I consider it to be home.
Don't know too much about Loco volunteering
The housing in this area is suffice, coming from a large city and able to adjust to the slower pace is not an issue to me, a great place to raise a family.
You don't hear about occasional incidents but the police is on patrol regularly
You need a car here to really live
Crime in this area is greatly increasing with a focus on more gang activity as well. Not to far from Camden NJ this area has so of the worse crime rate in American. I don't see this area turning around any time soon.
DOn't come here. There are only 2 hotels in town and they are both nasty, prostitute/druggie filled places. The food is terrible and the "historic district" is just a bunch of falling down ugly buildings.
Lots of home in my neighborhood have been broken into. No increase of police patrols, no neighborhood notice to be on lookout or if they even caught the person responsible. Also gangs everywhere..
It's weather, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
Almost every restaurant serves similar food and it all sucks
No jobs, low pay for what is out there. Mostly minimum wage jobs.
Crime plays a huge part in our environment. Its breaking news to the point where everyone wants to be mad at the cops. Everyone is their own person and choses what they want to do. Its just that no one will never understand why that person made that choice. I think people feel safe when in their own home with their family.
The weather is the worst in the Winter time. Well you can say the Weather Man. The predictions be about 2-3 days off.
I know some people that have been looking for a job for a very long time. They have applied and never got a job. But the good part about fast food jobs is that they will sometimes work around your high school schedule. For example if you do sports- they will try their best to make you thereat practice and work
The food in Bridgeton is good. I really can't complain about anything. They have everything most people eat. Even if you go out of town, like Vineland-that's where the big restaurants are.
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