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Many of the homes are in terrible areas and there is a large risk on burglary, shooting, and violence.
I do not want to live here and I hope to move in the near future.
The crime in this area has significantly gotten worse in the past decade and will only continue to worsen.
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Life is good, it is simple and quiet. It is a good, safe, family oriented area
There are car shows at the Big Boys in town in the summer. There is also Bridge Fest and Carnivals sometimes.
We have good weather. It is pretty safe even through storms and stuff. The main issue is just when there are snow storms. The Fall and summers are beautiful and Winter is always freezing! Too cold for me!
There are a few bars, a truck stop and fast food resturants and a cracker barrel and big boys!
The job outlook for Bridgeport is not bad, like I said, it is a small town. Most of the people do not work in Bridgeport, but in surrounding towns. A lot of people work for Nexteer, which is like GM and others work for the city or state
They are ok. It is a city a little bit on the outskirts, but if you drive 20 minutes north, there are major stores and shopping centers
Most popular places are Frankenmuth, Birch Run Premium Outlets, Fashion Square Mall, the our movie theatres.
The Bridgeport Fire Department is great. The law enforcement acts careless and is slow at responding to calls.
There's definitely a bad area and a somewhat bad area. I've had my car broken into twice on my driveway. You have to lock your doors and there's a high burglary rate. I am cautious when I'm alone and with my son.
We have all 4 seasons throughout the year. Summers can be harsh because of the humidity and winter usually lasts a long time.
There's more jobs that are for young adults. As in careers, the best fields are medical and business. We do have machining companies, but require degrees or referrals.
The best restaurants are in Saginaw on Bay Road and Tittabawassee. My favorites are Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Gengi's, and TGI Friday's. Bar wise, the Mixx is my favorite place and they have decent prices on drinks. The majority of the bars are located in downtown Saginaw on Hamilton Street.
In the Bridgeport area, we have Kroger as our main grocery store and plenty of fast food restaurants. There's really no family owned stores. There's mainly stores that we all know, such as Rite Aid, Hungry Howies, Family Dollar, etc. We do have a locally owned photography studio called Hillier Studios that are highly priced. The favorite place of mine in this area is the Historical Society (That's where I got married).
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