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Bridgeport, WV is a local suburb community that has excellent schools, business opportunities as well as the best public schools in WV. Their ratings for elementary, middle and high school is 10+ in many different rating scores. Besides the school, the city is very active and have numerous volunteering and contributing activities for local community. The Bridgeport PD is excellent in their response, service and community involvement. They also have a volunteer in police service program to encourage citizens to be a part of the law enforcement community and encourage connections as well as communications with the general public. Besides that, the UHC hospital that used to be in Clarksburg is now in Bridgeport WV and that makes the local medical needs more accessible for the people. The city itself has a website and the calendar presents various activities happening within the local community. A great city to live and raise a family in.
I have been living in Bridgeport for almost 2 years. I love it. It is a very clean city. The residents keep their property very neat and orderly. I am close to shopping, ,entertainment, church, work, etc. Everything is literally less than a five minute drive. The only complaint I have is the traffic around here is getting much worse. This is uncommon for this area. There is usually not a lot of traffic congestion.
Bridgeport is a beautiful city for younger families with a wonderful school and great sports programs. The city has everything you need for food and shopping choices and everyone is extremely friendly.. great outdoor area for joggers and runners.
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I love the area and everyone around. Bridgeport has everything you need all in one place. Its right in the middle of the county so its easy to get to.
Family Friendly, great schools, great youth sports
Besides the very rare mailbox being smashed the only issue my community deals with is keeping the drug and other issues are kept in the neighboring community.
My area is very uncharacteristic of the rest of West Virginia as it is more affluent than most of the state. Nevertheless, our area has a severe drug issue spilling over from the neighboring community that is struggling. Our community's mayor was convicted of selling and distributing opiates from his local pharmacy in multiple states. The local government has improved after his removal and multiple improvements to infrastructure are occurring, and our local high school is consistently ranked and awarded state honors in sports and academics. Also the FBI located their main fingerprinting facility to our area producing several jobs and several other jobs are being created by new businesses. Finally, my town was ranked one of the best small towns in the United States.
Most homes are nice and well taken care of
This is a close knit, involved community
I feel very safe and the crime rates are very low.
I would move here again if I could change the way the people treated each other, but I love the scenery.
I haven't been in an incident of crime, and I feel very safe.
I Love West Virginia! I love four seasons and the beautiful mountains. I have been in other countries and if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!
This is a nice small town with big town amenities
I think I live in one of the best places to live in the area. It is pricey, but I think it is worth it. The only vacant properties near where I live are newly built houses that are still on the market. For the most part it seems like they sell fairly quickly. My utilities have been relatively affordable. The area I live in is definitely up and coming and a good distance from the areas that are unsafe and falling apart.
It seems like people move in and out of the complex I live in very frequently- there always seem to be moving vans there on the weekends. This doesn't really bother me. There are people with pets and kids in the complex I live in and for the most part people say hi to me when I pass them. There is a farmer's market in the shopping center within walking distance every Sunday in the spring, summer, and fall, which has a variety of food and goods. I do wish my apartment complex would host events for residents.
I feel very safe where I live. I've never felt threatened or nervous when walking or running after dark. However, there are not enough street lights in many areas and I've had to use a flashlight to even be able to see where I am stepping.
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I really like the apartment complex I live in, but I do not like the state it is located in. West Virginia is still very rural and has limited job opportunities for the field I work in (health education/research). I only plan to live here until June 2016 and then will move to Connecticut where my fiance currently has a job and where I will have more job opportunities. The apartment I live in is new and clean, and also within walking distance of a shopping center that has a number of restaurants, which I really like. It also has sidewalks, which makes it safe to run and walk. I feel safe in the neighborhood that surrounds the complex. Besides the shopping center that I can walk to I have to drive everywhere else and wish there was more in the way of public transportation.
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