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The town is small, which I enjoy. However, there is not much diversity. Compared to home in NC, residents are very rude. The population do not know how to drive. There isn't much local attractions or places to dine. Rent is very high due to oil and gas.
Bridgeport saved my life. The high school here gave me a complete 180 in terms of my grades, attendance, and motivation to really apply myself. I have met so many great people here and amazing teachers, I would not have grown up if I hadn't moved to Bridgeport from Ohio this year.
Lack of diversity is a major problem. The rental prices of property are ridiculous. But the shopping is convenient and West Virginia is beautiful.
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It is clean and family friendly. You see people involved in the community and are hospitable. It is pretty. There are many beautiful hiking trails and public parks.
Bridgeport is a great community and is very safe. Everyone is very friendly and caring. Living here is like having a huge extended family.
I grew up an hour away from any grocery store and 15 minutes away from the closest gas station. We had no cell service and only one option for internet. Since I moved to the City of Bridgeport, life has gotten "better." I put that in quotations because everyone has their own opinion, and mine isn't 100%. I loved being away from noisy neighbors and not having cell service made home time family time, and I don't get that in the city. There are pros and cons to everything in life.
I moved to Bridgeport approximately ten years ago. We picked to live in Bridgeport because the academics for our children are top notch and so are the sports programs. Bridgeport may be a pricey location when purchasing a home, but the location is wonderful. It is close to the interstate, hospital, churches, mall, etc. On top of all of that, Bridgeport is a great place to raise a family. It is a very family oriented place!
It's a nice little town, quiet and clean. More complimentary therapies are becoming more available too.
Bridgeport has much to be desired. We lack any culture at all. It is very transient. People come and go quickly from this place.There is nothing to do here. Finding a good job is difficult. There is limited shopping. Walmart and fast food dominates. Everyone centers their life around church. Seems everyone is religious. Christian, Baptist and lots of Catholic's. We have a huge drug problem. Crack and heroine OD's weekly. There is a lack of healthcare providers in all fields. Especially mental health. It takes month's to get into see a Dr. Most of them don' help much either. Unhealthy people who smoke and drink. Home prices and taxes are extremely high for the area. Weather is hot and humid in the summer. Freezing cold with snow or rain for winter. We have more rain and cloudy days than sunny ones. Schools might be the best in the area, but they are not very good compared with the rest of the US. Sports are a big thing here, high school and colleges.
People kinda care about you and if you don’t want to be bothered, people will mostly leave it alone.
At first, I wasn't a fan but after awhile, the people grew on me in this family oriented town. I enjoy the closeness and community involvement of the town.
Moving to Bridgeport, WV after living in the suburbs of NYC was quite a change. The schools are strong and the area is very family friendly. It is a very safe community as well. Unfortunately, there are very limited things to do regarding nightlife.
Bridgeport, WV is a local suburb community that has excellent schools, business opportunities as well as the best public schools in WV. Their ratings for elementary, middle and high school is 10+ in many different rating scores. Besides the school, the city is very active and have numerous volunteering and contributing activities for local community. The Bridgeport PD is excellent in their response, service and community involvement. They also have a volunteer in police service program to encourage citizens to be a part of the law enforcement community and encourage connections as well as communications with the general public. Besides that, the UHC hospital that used to be in Clarksburg is now in Bridgeport WV and that makes the local medical needs more accessible for the people. The city itself has a website and the calendar presents various activities happening within the local community. A great city to live and raise a family in.
I have been living in Bridgeport for almost 2 years. I love it. It is a very clean city. The residents keep their property very neat and orderly. I am close to shopping, ,entertainment, church, work, etc. Everything is literally less than a five minute drive. The only complaint I have is the traffic around here is getting much worse. This is uncommon for this area. There is usually not a lot of traffic congestion.
Bridgeport is a beautiful city for younger families with a wonderful school and great sports programs. The city has everything you need for food and shopping choices and everyone is extremely friendly.. great outdoor area for joggers and runners.
I love the area and everyone around. Bridgeport has everything you need all in one place. Its right in the middle of the county so its easy to get to.
Family Friendly, great schools, great youth sports
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Besides the very rare mailbox being smashed the only issue my community deals with is keeping the drug and other issues are kept in the neighboring community.
My area is very uncharacteristic of the rest of West Virginia as it is more affluent than most of the state. Nevertheless, our area has a severe drug issue spilling over from the neighboring community that is struggling. Our community's mayor was convicted of selling and distributing opiates from his local pharmacy in multiple states. The local government has improved after his removal and multiple improvements to infrastructure are occurring, and our local high school is consistently ranked and awarded state honors in sports and academics. Also the FBI located their main fingerprinting facility to our area producing several jobs and several other jobs are being created by new businesses. Finally, my town was ranked one of the best small towns in the United States.
Most homes are nice and well taken care of
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