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I've lived in Bridgeport forever but maybe my perspective isn't very reliable because I don't spend much time in the community. It's a relatively diverse but segregated place.
Very close proximity to Manhattan. It is less expensive to live in compared to Fairfield, Westport. The city is getting revitalized lots of great restaurants,theaters,and the arena. Lot of programs available for low income families to help access education and recreation
I have lived in the city of Bridgeport Ct, since the year 2010. It has the potential to be a very prominent city as its location is very close to business areas and great colleges.Bridgeport is ethnically diverse therefore, it is great for socializing. The commute within this city is also very accessible as they have buses, trains and taxi services. Bridgeport however, has issues with safety in most of its surrounding communities, few healthy stores and fitness centers. Consideration can be taken in these negative areas as it will increase the potential of making Bridgeport a better city.
I lived in Bridgeport for over 30 years. The people in my neighborhood are warm and welcoming. We look out for each other to protect our home. I would recommend Bridgeport as a great place to live.
Bridgeport is poppin and not that bad as everyone makes it out to seem. It is vibrant and full of diversity. The biggest city in Connecticut has much to offer whether it's through its history or its blazin cultural food.
There is a lot of diversity in Bridgeport. There are historical buildings and areas within Bridgeport. This gives people an opportunity to learn about the culture, diversity, and growth that this city has to offer. There are many opportunities in this city for people to grow and develop their skills. I would like to see the crime rates reduced. I would also like to see people work together in the community.
I've lived here my whole life and I've seen my fair share of problems; however, I've seen the amount of potential this city has. There are many talented and passionate people living here who could really make a difference but it seems like it can be quite difficult to get ahead. There's alot of negativity and opportunities get lost. I truly believe that Bridgeport can achieve great things if we all choose to push past the bad.
it is a city that is constantly changing for good, Personally I like everything about the city, it is accessible to everybody, I can find everything in this city, good schools, a good college, a good community college too, good restaurants, hotels.
Bridgeport is a city that everyone underestimates, people from Bridgeport "wont make it". Coming from Bridgeport its just filled with a lot of kids who want t make it out but its hard when everyone is rooting for your failure. This city is filled with people who understand each other despite differences. The one thing i would like to see change is the crime rate. Vriolence is not the answer and it will never be the answer.
I live in Bridgeport because my daughter attends Kolbe Cathedral High School. I would not allow my daughter to attend a public schools in Bridgeport. I feel the school system needs some help. I also feel that Bridgeport is expensive and there are no jobs.
Bridgeport is the heart of Connecticut, known for it's rich history. Bridgeport is the biggest city in Connecticut, population over 147,000 according to the United States Census Bureau. Being the biggest city in CT, Bridgeport offers tremendous economic potential. Bridgeport is business friendly and has great real estate potential. What I like most about Bridgeport is there commitment to safety and jobs opportunity that continues to expend. It's diversity of people and ideas has transform this city for the better.
Bridgeport is a mosaic for all types of cultures and lifestyles. The city is so diverse that you can enjoy cuisine from different parts of the world all on the same block. Bridgeport hosts a bunch of events during all seasons there is something to do regardless of your interest and hobbies. The city is family friendly with tons to offer families like education, recreational activities, and amusement. For singles, Bridgeport has a budding night life and several hot spots to be social and enjoy poetry, food, or arts!
Bridgeport is a good place to live--depending on where you are currently living--and is improving slowly. What I like about Bridgeport is the diversity which bring different event to downtown Bridgeport, seaside park, and many other locations in. Bridgeport. What I would like to see change in Bridgeport is nothing. Even though Bridgeport is a good place to live, but can have it not so good parts which kind of balance the city. Soon the parts that need to be corrected are in process and surely improveing.
I like that Bridgeport is a very diverse community. However, this city struggles with crime and poverty.
Bridgeport is an okay place to live. Crime wise, it's not all that bad. Cost of living is quite high but not as bad compared to surrounding towns. Only downside is some streets display a blighted setting.
I've lived on the North End of Bridgeport the majority of my life. Right at the border of Trumbull. It's not a bad area like most people make it out to be. It's actually pretty beautiful if you get out and travel in some areas more.
Bridgeport area is friendly and has a lot of attractions and very close to New York City. I would like to see more fun and educational activities happen in the area.
I recently just moved to bridgeport in August of 2016 from stratford ct. I just brought my first house with my fiancee here and I am currently studying at St vincents college to become a registered nurse. Things are going ok for us at the moment. However, being a brand new home owner and me going to school full time can be rough on the money aspect. So far I have had a good experience while living here and hope there are many more good experiences to come
I was born and raised there. I have recently moved from there and I have raised my children there it is nice if you plan to stay. But the jobs are scarce and housing is extremely high to rent. So my family and I have moved and we are planning to move again in the near future. We don't say it is not a nice place to live in but the cost is living is going up and it would be better to live in a more affordable place.
I moved to Bridgeport in the year of 2011, the reason I moved here is because the rent is cheaper then any other city in CT.
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