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I love the diversity but there is not enough programs offered for children to do after school. I think that there should be more the gets the community together
I grew up in Bridgeport and it is a place I learned how to be humble. However, one thing I would change about it is the school environment. This city is so high in taxes yet schools lack great conditioning, supplies, and a great new remolded place.
It's the large rest city in conneticut. There are streets I don't know about. They try to do their best with the resources to support every child. I would like to see the downtown area grow better. Nothing is really down there.
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i have been living in Bridgeport since the day i have been born and i had few up and downs with crime but the police department have been good and the health system has been well . Over all i have no problems in the area i have
I was born and raised in Bridgeport, it's not the safest place to be in. Close friends of mine have been attacked on the streets. In my area it's common knowledge that you can't be on the streets at a certain time. Our public schools are run down and in dire need of funding. Student conduct is also a major issue here and not enough is being done to help young people my age succeed. Despite all of its flaws, Bridgeport is a colorful city full of diversity, creativity, and potential. A majority of my family and friends live here and the city has opened doors for me to get to where I am today.
I am a lifelong resident of Bridgeport. The city needs a lot of improvements and more jobs. However, Bridgeport is getting better. This city has potential.
I like that fact that much innovation is being done to older buildings. I hope to see good things in he future
Bridgeport, CT has a lot of good people that I met over the years with easy access to shopping and a melting pot of cultures and great foods. It's near Trumbull and Milford shopping centers and to Catholic, Protestant Churches as well as Muslim Mosques.
The city located 1.5 hours north of New York is full of life. Nicknamed the park city Bridgeport boost beautiful parks and beaches On any given day you can go to the city zoo or enjoy a picnic at the beach.

Unfortunately, the political decisions of the current Mayor and his constituents have left the cities schools seriously lacking. In addition the violent crime rates are on the rise here in this city.
Over all my experiences living here in Bridgeport has been filled with good food great beaches, it's a city with a lot of potential.
Bridgeport seems to be undergoing a mercurial change. A change by force that doe snot economically or socially benefit the residents that live there. The education system needs to be restructured and could use more funding, job opportunities and opportunities of upward mobility are few due to a poor economic state structure. Property taxes are rising, utility rates are rising in an area that is home to low to mid-income earners.
I would like to see the crime rate go down. In addition, there should be greater emphasis in the public school system for children with special needs.
I live in the North end of Bridgeport which is one of the nicest areas. Always something to do around here with the mall and many food places on every corner.
I have been living in Bridgeport for 5+ years, with no bad experiences. I enjoy the north end as it has plenty of amenities. I hope to see the city prosper and work on lowering taxes for its citizens.
Bridgeport is an awesome city. the people are friendly and kind. Although it can be a little rough sometimes, which if you ask me is bound to happen in every city, is generally lively. Summer's are cool in Bridgeport. there's lots of fun stuff to do
I was born in raised in Bridgeport, CT and as I was growing up I had many fun experiences like going to the mall, arcade, always having somewhere to have fun with my friends. I was also apart of the drill team, gymnastics team, and went to dance classes all the way up to high school. l Also had a lot of educational experiences as well. I went to elementary school, high school, and college here where I learned various things about the iconic Bridgeport. This is also where I fell in love with my passion for Fashion, Bridgeport has a trade school where I learned academics and fashion. That helped me get into college where I am a Fashion Merchandising Major. But sadly the attraction for kids went down some and I would like for there to be more things for kids to do so they can have aspirations to work on like I did.
I love the people of Bridgeport. Most people are ambitious and are eager to fulfil their dreams and make it out of the city for better opportunities. I would love to see the violence decrease and more activities provide to the youth.
I like Bridgeport because it is a nice city to grow in, and the schools here are great. I really enjoy the diverse population.
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I've lived in Bridgeport forever but maybe my perspective isn't very reliable because I don't spend much time in the community. It's a relatively diverse but segregated place.
Very close proximity to Manhattan. It is less expensive to live in compared to Fairfield, Westport. The city is getting revitalized lots of great restaurants,theaters,and the arena. Lot of programs available for low income families to help access education and recreation
I have lived in the city of Bridgeport Ct, since the year 2010. It has the potential to be a very prominent city as its location is very close to business areas and great colleges.Bridgeport is ethnically diverse therefore, it is great for socializing. The commute within this city is also very accessible as they have buses, trains and taxi services. Bridgeport however, has issues with safety in most of its surrounding communities, few healthy stores and fitness centers. Consideration can be taken in these negative areas as it will increase the potential of making Bridgeport a better city.
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