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The city has it's nice areas but very little. Unfortunately, Bridgeport has many opportunities to be better but not the right leaders to build on the community.
The amount of jobs and the bus schedule . The cost of living is very high. The education system is ok for young kids but once you become a college student it's hard to get help for school
What I like about Bridgeport is the Diversity. Also, while attending Housatonic Community College, I have met some wonderful people. One of the people I met is now my best friend. Furthermore, for those that reside in the downtown area of Bridgeport are at a convenience, because everything is right there. So, even if they do not have a car, it would not make a difference, because everything is within walking distance.
On the contrary, I would like to see less crime, and more activity centers for children. Also, it would be nice to have a selection of health food stores.
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I just moved to Bridgeport 10 months ago and i can say that the only thing i really like about the place is the low rent, nearby stores and bus stops almost like New York. What I don't like is how messy the streets look and the houses need more improvement.
I do not feel safe in the city of Bridgeport. I really hope there is a drastic decrease in the amount of violence that occurs - it is very sad.
I love the diversity of Bridgeport, CT, shopping, eating and transportation is very convenient. The sewer and property tax, and the rules governing it, should be restructured. Especially for the elderly and or those who live on fixed incomes. I love the diversity of Bridgeport, CT, shopping, eating, and transportation is very convenient. The sewer and property tax and the rules governing it should be restructured. Especially for the elderly and for those who live on fixed incomes. I believe the public high schools should have more business courses for the kids to have skill upon graduation such as typing, office procedures and business courses.
Bridgeport is a city filled with history and surprisingly has a great deal of historical landmarks. Living in Bridgeport is interesting because the city is the biggest in Connecticut. In the 1950's Bridgeport was a very busy place and remnants of its cosmopolitan past can still be seen today.
I have grown up in the city of Bridgeport. I have met my best friends and my fiance in this city. There are many great places in this city. From seaside park to St. Mary's by the sea, from The Galaxy Diner to Barnum Public House. Local college students can always find something to do.
Bridgeport is a great city and has SO much potential! Lots of diversity and things to do. But I'd like to see more change in the school systems and actions to keep kids and teens off the streets. There needs to be more initiative and attention on the youth. After all, the youth is the future.
I think it is a nice town to meet people from all diverse groups . I think people over exaggerate the town of Bridgeport
I like the people I've met and the things I learned while living here. I would hope Bridgeport drastically improve their school system because It's not a good one. They pass kids that need more help. The teachers need more training and need to be motivated and the kids need things to do.
Bridgeport CT has a lot of potential due to it's resources and jobs available despite that it isn't the safest and cleanest place to live. In most states or cities there are "good" areas and "not so good" areas neighboring each other and Bridgeport isn't an exception to this conception. Meaning, some areas in Bridgeport are more peaceful and cleaner than others. I still try to make the most of my stay here in this city while i pursue my dream as a Physician's Assistant.
Not the nicest nor safest city to raise a family in , but I must say they are trying to do a lot to improve this. Full of very caring people who want to help bridgeport move in the right direction
My name is Tsahai Hutchinson. I was born and raised in Bridgeport,a great city but dangerous,safety sometimes is a concern especially if your raising three kids on your own.If I can change anything I would change the crime rate and have more officers hired.
Bridgeport gets too much of a bad reputation. I found it to be a place that influenced me to be a strong and independent minority along with many other individuals. Bridgeport will always have a special place in my heart as it was the city which molded me into the well grounded young man I am today. It is a city filled with hard working and helpful people who want to see their fellow community members be successful in life.
Bridgeport is a huge city in the metro that has so much potential. Bridgeport can benefit in many ways in improving infrastructure, re-paving roads, making schools safe, cleaning streets, and much more. Many people live here but attraction can do much better.
I've been in Bridgeport, basically my whole life, There are some good neighborhoods and there are some bad ones. But overall they have great schools and goods homes.
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I loved the northern area of Bridgeport because the commute time to a school, hospital, store or police station is a shorter than the west, east and south side of Bridgeport.
I love this city of Bridgeport. The people here are very kind and has a spirit that many other do not have. I've notice poverty within the city however it does not keep the people down. I wish they invested more into homeless shelters considering how many people are sleeping on the street. This city is more than what meets the eye.
I used to visit Bridgeport a lot but never stayed there now that I am living in Bridgeport I see its potential. Bridgeport is one of the largest city in CT, one thing that I realize about Bridgeport is that there's a lot convenient stores and a lot of restaurants.
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