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Bridge City Reviews

14 reviews
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Looking for a place where the schools are good, crime is down, and neighbors are friendly? Bridge City should be on your list. It's a small town that has everything, from the theater to athletic events, within a few short miles.
Our town is known for the police. No body ever goes 2 mph over the speed limit
Surrounded by water, when hurricane season is at the corner making everybody feeling uneasy
I live in a very small town and you know everyone.
The general atmosphere is not bad. The people are friendly. If I were to choose to live here again, there may be a slight chance. This area is definitely better than the beaumont or port Arthur area.
Plenty of quality health care and exercise facilities.
Some neighborhoods have houses that are ten foot apart many hoses have one tpo two acre yards.
Lots of Fast Food that is not very fast and three quality sit down returants
Recycle program never really got off the ground.
Small town- not much to do
Small town- very low crime rate
Our highways are in good shape and travel is easy.
There are a lot of entry level positions available.
Small town-Quick response on all services.
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