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I have lived in Brick for 23 years and have seen the town at both sides of the spectrum. Growing up in Brick, I remember it being a wholesome, family-oriented, and welcoming community for all people. It was even named "The Safest Town in America" for several years. However, throughout the late 2000's into the mid-2010's, the town fell off the grid due to less-rigid education standards, political corruption, failing infrastructure, and increased crime rates. The catalysts for these items are up for debate, but now I see the town making moves to progress itself back to what it once was by providing better roads and school programs, bridging the "cross-town rivalry" divide, and ensuring that officials are seeing results for the plans that they initiate.
The town has grown over the past 8 years having every chain restaurant you could want. The neighborhoods are clean and lots of young families and the town just replaced or updated its parks. Not a lot of new town construction however leaving you with 25+ year old homes that need updating. Taxes are not the highest but certinaly not the lowest but the services in town do reflect you contribution in its police, fire, EMs and public works.
I love the way my town comes together for each other. We celebrate summers at the local beach with concerts and fireworks. The main thing I would really love to see change is the drugs. There's too many young people dieing from overdoses and the drugs are all throughout the town. The police department has been doing a great job in keeping our town safe.
I have spent nearly my whole life in Brick and I like living here. While it is not exciting that is what I like about it. I do not find it lacking in any areas and also do not find it to indulgent. The only thing that I have to call upon is the fact that it is very expensive to live here.
I was born and raised here. Growing up here was awesome. We are very close to two boardwalks and several beaches and bays. I still live here but sadly, drug use has become more popular in certain areas. Overall I enjoy my time here.
The police in my area are always around so I feel safe. But I do know there are some crimes that I wish wouldn't occur in my town.
The state and town I grew up in is beautiful. We have endless amounts of indoor and outdoor activities for all seasons and weather. The only downside to New Jersey is the expenses.
The crime has been getting worse here. Constant robberies.
It used to be such a great area, but drugs and crime are beginning to take over faster than ever.
People typically live here for a very long time because it is a great place to live.
The crime right is going up a little bit; but it also is in the world. The police are on every investigation and get the problems fixed.
I have been living in this area since I was born. Brick Township is a great area to start a family. Not too many bad things happen here and when they do they are resolved very quickly. I plan on living in this area for the rest of my life. I love going to the beach everyday in the summer and being by the ocean.
Crime in this area is slowly but surely escalating with all the surrounding areas being so close to Brick, crime is pooling in to our town from the nearby towns.
Living in Brick has its pros and cons, just like any other area in the world. Being so close to the shore and only about an our and a half from the city is definitely a perk. Another perk would be the fact that in the summer, our beaches and boardwalks that are right by us, are wide attractions to people everywhere. There is never a dull moment here in the summer and spring time. On the other hand, the harsh winters that we get aren't that promising. You can easily find yourself doing the same exact thing for a good month or two in the winter because of the weather outside. All in all, I don't think I'd ever want to have had grown up any place else.
The majority of the houses in Brick are single family homes. For the most part, they are kept nice and neat. Most of the residence take pride in their houses.
Brick has a long line of tradition with its high schools and lower sports leagues. The towns people are very involved and it is fun to watch and cheer on the children.
Brick is a relativity safe town. There are areas of crime in the township, but overall its a quiet and safe town.
Brick is a nice place to live. It is a great area and there are a lot of activities for families.
I only really stay here because I go to school
I absolutely love the place I live. it is in a great place. Very close to the beach and close to all sorts of things to do like great adventure. In addition the food is fantastic!
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