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Looking forward to moving out. Nepotism for job market extreme. Very bad drug use in area. Lakewood community dirties up public space and nothing is done about it. Such as littering tickets or non permitted fire ticket. Tickets only exist for the tax paying residents with jobs.
I really like Brick because of the community feeling it maintains while being such a large town. With a population of 75,000 people, Brick manages to keep the "small town feeling" through Friday night football games, intramural sports leagues, festivals, farmers markets, summer camps for kids, and more. We boast everything from brand new parkway entrances to four beaches, along with 12 public schools. This town is a very accepting, middle class, hardworking community that attracts people from all over the East Coast to come here to spend the summer. It is very easy to become involved in your town, as many people attend Board of Education meetings and Town Hall meetings. The history of this town is also very interesting and is one that is noted by landmarks, from Emma Havens Young Elementary School to Sally Ike Road. I could not have asked for a better town to grow up in; the supportive schools, small town atmosphere, and genuine people make this a place I am proud to call home.
Great place to live. The taxes are low and there is a wide variety of races and religions. The school district is great as well. Brick reservoir is a great place to go and walk, fish or just relax on a bench. The only down side is that because there are a lot of stores in one area, there can be a lot of local traffic which makes quick trips to the store a little trying. Other than that, it's a wonderful place to raise a family.
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Brick is a friendly, safe environment. Some parts of brick, referred to as the "other side" of brick, are located close to the beach, yet close enough to the main stores located a few minutes down the road. I feel safe living in brick township with my two children and can agree that the school in my neighborhood is one of the good ones.
Bricktown is a wonderful town full of a diverse group of people. There are plentiful stores, events and recreational activities that keep children, adults and young adults entertained. It is close enough to the shore for an easy drive there as well. One thing that will forever prevent it from 5 stars is the driving in Brick; the reason is mostly because it is located so closely to more business oriented towns such as Lakewood and Toms River so people all over the state drive through Brick.
Brick township is a really nice town. It was always growing as a child and offered a lot to do. It still continues to grow today and remains one of my favorite places to live. It is close to a lot of major towns and big cities. The one thing I wish I could change is the drug issue present in the county. Not only Brick town, but all of the surrounding towns have seen some problems with drugs. These are issues I never faced as a child growing up in the area, and even now I do not necessarily see it, but I know it is there.
born and grew up here. Easy commute to New York and other metropolitan cities. excellent hospitals and schools. Not a city but a bustling to town. population of 80,000. We are three miles from the ocean.
Brick township is a pretty good town. It's safe, very developed so you don't need to drive far at all if your in need of some good food, a bar, or any retail store. It's not a popular nightlife town, but you could very easily go to point pleasant or seaside for that, as they are very close by.
I would rate Brick township 4/5 stars. While most things in Brick township are great there is room for improvement. The public schools are in need of an updating in order to function as the best leaning environment for current students. I do find Brick to be safe and family friendly due to low crime rates. Nightlife is good especially during the summer months since we are located on the jersey shore. The cost of living is high in this area which is difficult at times. Overall Brick township is a good place to live but has a few kinks to work out.
Brick township is a great town. It's large, but still has the small town feel. Everyone here is pleasant and it's my absolute favorite place I've ever lived. My daughter is growing up here and I'm so happy about that. I would recommend to anyone to move here because it really is a wonderful place to live. There's plenty of stores, restaurants, and activities.
I currently live in Brick for almost 3 years. It is a really safe place to live in. I cannot say it is expensive, but it can be affordable. My neighbors are friendly and I can say that because when I came here from my original country Egypt, they helped me a lot while moving to my apartment. As a tenant of Brick, I can find any convenient store, such as Costco, Shoprite, Walmart. Brick is sort of peace of mind if you want to live in. I like it.
Great place to grow up. Very close to the beach with many activities. It's also very centrally located between Philadelphia and New York.
I moved to Brick Township from Howell Township when my parents got divorced. This has become my new home with my mother and I love the area. My new house is close to everything I need and there is alot of diversity here. This has been the perfect place for my mother and I to rebuild or new lives.
Brick township is a nice town. It has grown a lot over the years. It's close to the beach, has several parkway entrances and exits, and a lot of shopping.
Brick is a great town close to the beach with lots of other nearby towns providing opportunities for work and play. Brick also has many big box stores and chain restaurants nearby providing ample shopping and dining options.
Brick Township, while providing easy access to other great locations, does not offer much to qualify as a good area to live. The school system values athletics more than academics, making it difficult for those that are academically inclined to succeed. The area is safe to live in; of course, with a cost. There are very few job opportunities that would lead to high paying careers. The nightlife is almost nonexistent, with many residents going to other towns for fun.
All retail and medical needs are easily accessible. The cost of living is affordable. People and businesses are friendly and usually open late.
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I like the closeness to the beach. The main plaza area has plenty of shops, and restaurants. I do like the reservoirs as well, it's nice for running or exercise. I live in a calm neighborhood overall.
Brick is a quiet town that I feel has everything one would need. From great restaurants, to great strip malls with all types of diversified shops, to the beach and parkway nearby, Brick township is truly a hidden gem many do not know about.
Although Brick is a small town there is a lot to do. There's great shopping and many good restaurants. The local Lowes movie theatre has recently been upgraded so you no longer have to drive to Toms River to have a pleasurable experience. While most of the town is inland, many people don't know that Brick goes all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.
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