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Where you are located in town depends on the type of housing you will see. But for the most part the houses are kept up.
Having an education is what helps you succeed. Not going through school to earn a degree is what most of the unemployed has to do with. There are plenty of options for someone who does not have a degree. But the problem is that the positions are filled with other people who do not have a degree. Having a degree in this day and age means everything.
A lot of people like to be out and about in New Bern. There are a few gyms that require memberships, but many outdoorsy people like to run outside on the sidewalk.
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One thing that I am aware of is the Mum Fest in October. The city of New Bern has a soft spot for the Chrysanthemum flower, so much that they devoted a festival to honor it! (Not sure why though)
Many new restaurants have been instilled recently. A lot more teen/young adult friendly. More resto/bars and fast food chains have been placed in New Bern.
We have a lot of people who have lived here all of their lives and we have people that move here after retirement. It is a nice place to live. It's close to the beach and there is a lot of culture to be taken in.
The police might need to be watched more by there superiors. They are there, but a lot crime gets by them due to neglect.
I think overall New Bern is a good place to live. Great place for families because we have many elementary schools, two middle schools, and one big high school. Although there is one they are planning on building another within the next 5 years.
Just as with the abandoned buildings in the area, the city is trying to put parks into place and re decorate old parks to bring them back to life.
New Bern is a place where local businesses thrive. So many people, including myself, understand the importance of local restaurants and shops are to the community.
I feel like the police are too busy trying to get their quota for the month on speeding tickets to notice any other crime going on. I see a lot that not only goes unpunished, but ignored.
There are a few places near the scary part of town where there are abandoned buildings. Recently the city has been taking the initiative to re-build and occupy these areas.
There is a lot of diversity when it comes to the people in this area. Whites, blacks, latinos, asians, and many immigrants from multiple European countries.
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