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I've lived here all my life, and I absolutely love it! We have a great commute to the city. Also, this town is SAFE! I've never heard of a crime happening in my town. Everyone is nice and there is a wonderful sense of community. Lots of kids and block parties. The schools are amazing, and everyone comes out to Friday night football games at the high school. I HIGHLY recommend living here!
Briarcliff is a family focused community with excellent schools and recreation activities in a very safe environment that is within a reasonable commute of New York City (particularly mid-town).

Here is what Briarcliff is not:

* it is not inexpensive - housing costs are high and taxes are through the roof;
* it is not very diverse - although this could depend on what you mean by diverse;
* it is not easy for newcomers - let me be more precise; it is fine for new families with pre-school age kids who can "grow up" in the community - particularly if you are also involved in a local temple or church; much harder for kids (and their parents) to break-in socially later on.
I worked in Briarcliff Manor briefly, but always felt safe. It is a pretty well-to-do community since it is near NYC. The people were nice. Unfortunately, I do not know much about the school system or the businesses. The historical society is extremely proud of Briarcliff's history, which is wonderful to see.
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Great place for a commuter, great school system, taxes a bit high.
The people in this area are friendly and seem to be happy. There is some diversity but not very much.
There aren't many events that occur in Briarcliff.
I definitely would live here and raise my family. It does have a good overall atmosphere.
There is a sense of community in that most people are friendly. However, in the neighborhood that I lived previously, there was more of a sense of community within in the neighborhood. There were many block parties and everyone knew each other.
Everything in our area is pretty much average or a little better than average.
There is a Club Fit and New York Sports Club near our area. I think people are relatively physically active in the area. If people don't go to the gym many others get their exercise by running outside, or doing sports such as baseball, soccer, and football. I personally danced when I was in high school.
There are a lot of sidewalks for pedestrians. My concern is for the prevalent potholes in the road. Parking is available but not abundant.
I do feel very safe in this area. There aren't many violent crimes in the area.
As a college student trying to get a job, I have struggled to find a job that I wanted because of the limited number of jobs.
Overall, nearby Briarcliff Manor there are limited options. However, if we drive a couple of miles away, there are numerous options that are very good. Recently I found a Thai restaurant that was family owned and very delicious. I supposed there are a lot of diverse foods such as Mexican and Chinese. But there are also a lot of average quality fast food places.
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