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I love the friendly community! I also love that all of the basic amenities are very close by, so there's no need to travel far.
I have always enjoyed living in Brewer. It is quiet, clean, and everyone is quite friendly. It is located right outside of Bangor, which is nice because it is close but not right in the center of all the commotion. There are several parks, local shops, and places to eat. This is a place I call home.
I love the small town atmosphere. There is always something going on in town that gets people outside and engaged in the community.
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Brewer Maine is a wonderful little city. I live and work in Brewer, as does my husband. The city offers nearly anything that we may need, from shopping and entertainment to restaurants and family activities. The only concern that I have is the current quality of the high school. The budget has caused a great deal of position cuts, that have created deficits that are now being felt by the remaining teachers and the students.
It was a great town to grow up in!!......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... You would love to live there
I have lived in Maine my entire life. I recently moved to Brewer 2 years ago. It is a beautiful little community with everything close by. Everyone is very hospitable and it is a safe place to be.
Brewer is a nice quant town that's good to bring up a family, not much in the catagory of jobs or things to do but Bangor is right next door with more opportunity but is less safe and the cost of living is double the amont
Relatively small community where I live. Local law enforcement actively patrols the city including side roads like mine. I feel safe in my home and community. I feel confident that something out of the ordinary would trigger the officers attention as they do see the area several times each shift for days at a time.
Job market is slim and almost non existent for those without some form of education beyond high school.
It is almost unpredictable even the best meterologist can't always get it right. Something always shifts last minute and the re predicting begins. I wish it would be unpredictably warm all year but I choose to stay in Maine so I expect the cold frigid temperatures
Not enough independent stores to purchase unique items such as from away and or handmade. There truly isn't a one stop shop for all of your needs although Walmart typically claims this.
Mom and pop stores are few but more worth while
Winter is rough in this area. It is easy to receive a foot or more of snow in one storm. Over the period of winter from November until May, snow storms can occur without much warning. Icy roads are a constant concern for residents of this state. However, tornadoes, earthquakes, severe floods and other natural disasters are extremely rare/not heard of. Summer time brings tourists to the area to hike, shop and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
Acadia National Park is only 20 miles away. We are also in close proximity to Canada, so Bangor's mall is a major attraction for Canadian shoppers.
Most employment opportunities come from retail shops, restaurants and bars. Some major construction companies are based in the area but have strict hiring policies.
In any city, large or small, there is bound to be crime. Unfortunately in this area of Maine, opiate use is prevalent. This leads to higher crime in certain areas of the city. Overall, by living in a good neighborhood safety is high and only requires locking doors and windows before leaving your house as a safety precaution. I would recommend this precaution no matter where somebody lived.
Most stores have dated interiors, need more attention to detail when cleaning and could use a better selection of products. The local bars are fun to visit however they do need better cleaning habits and better craftmanship on the interior finishes.
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There is some diversity in race and national origin. This area is known as a safe haven for those of diverse sexual orientation, due to the generally liberal people of this area. A few miles away you will find towns where this acceptance is not remotely related to my current town of residence.
Rental housing is expensive at this time. One bedroom apartments with no utilities included generally have a price range of $600-$1000 per month. There are a few areas where crime and drug use have taken a toll on the properties in those neighborhoods. The houses and apartment buildings in these areas are in high distress and/or abandoned, but house homeless folks who have broken in.
There are numerous gyms available in this area. Many people utilize this facility, however overweight and under-exercised people are not a rarity. There is a major hospital with lifeflight available in the heart of town. I have joined a local gym, but primarily workout at home.
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