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Brevard is wonderful in terms of location, natural beauty, and outdoor entertainment. Being nestled in between Pisgah National Forest and DuPont is a major plus for the tourism industry and the entire outdoor entertainment scene. However, this area is poor for youth to reside because of high unemployment, limited job opportunities, and a stagnant economy.
Brevard is an amazing town. Living here has been great. Being in a small community makes for a better experience growing up. However, it has grown to be more of a retirement community and kids growing up have nothing to do. I really feel as though this town should have something to keep children/teens/young adults entertained.
Brevard is a very nice, quaint place to live, especially for the retired wishing to relax in a quiet town, with little nice life, and police that go over and beyond their duties in lieu of much else to do. Most people that grow up there leave and only return to do quick visit, as their is not much job opportunities and little for the younger generation.
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I do not like Brevard because everything is so slow, there are many older people and it gets ridiculous to get around if you don't have a car because there is one taxi, one Uber, and no Lyfts. Even if you do have a car it's annoying to get around because there are so many bikers and when it's tourist season because everyone drives so slow.
Brevard is a beautiful and quaint town located outside the busy asheville city. There are several small breweries nearby and restaurants that range from French, to Tai, to Mexican cuisine. It is also near Pisgah Forest, known as the land of waterfalls. This area is a hikers and mountain bikers dream. There is also tubing on the Davidson River. There is something here for the outdoor enthusiast, food and beer lover, and antique shopper in this small town.
Brevard is a beautiful town nestled in the southern mountains of North Carolina. There is a feeling of optimism and acceptance wherever you go, and the people are genuinely kind and helpful. There is always something to do as a family, without the commercialism and industrial feel of larger towns.
I love the little town feel because you know everyone and feel so close, almost like a family. Although the downside is that there's not much to do in this little town except for hike and other outdoorsy things.
Nestled away in the heart of Transylvania County, Land of the Waterfalls, the small town of Brevard has taken after her protected forests and sunk roots deep into the mountains of Western North Carolina.
It has always been easy for me to get swept away in the current demands of our modern society. The weight of life itself seems to build upon our shoulders day after day, yet the purpose of it all has a tendency to remain hidden from our eyes. In a situation such as this, it is easy to feel from time to time that you are drowning.
That is why I make it a point to travel to Brevard, North Carolina once a year. There is a beauty to be found there in that town. A precious piece of life, a breath of fresh air, a certain something that one can only discover for their self.
Brevard is a great little town with a ton of life during the day and then very calm at night. During the day in Brevard you are always able to see tons of tourist walking around enjoying the little town, checking out all the shops, or just going hiking. Now that is a lot of fun but then at night time it gets even better, local pubs and restaurants like the phoenix lounge and the moose lodge with either have live music or just a bunch of very friendly people there enjoying there time and always willing to make new friends. I know that sounds like a lot of fun but there is more, if you decide to come down during one of our festivals you will be seeing a bunch of festive booths and a bunch of people walking around enjoying the booths or sitting down and enjoying the live music all day long. I know that when you come to this beautiful town then you are going to be having a great time.
The housing is nice, however there aren't many houses available on the market
The community is nice in the neighborhood, however it isn't very pet friendly.
I feel very safe and don't hear about many crimes
The general atmosphere is that of a small town. I would not choose to live here again, however it is a pleasant place to raise small children
I don't have many concerns. There aren't any major crimes, and when something happens, everyone hears about it.
There are tons of local businesses around here.
I haven't found a job yet, but I haven't looked much.
There are a lot of windy days, and then also rain a lot.
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I have found that it's somewhat difficult to find good prices for apartments
Wide variety of places to eat
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