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As a high school freshman who has lived in this area for 5 years, I can testify that this is one of the best places to live in the country. Brentwood has everything that a family would like in a town: great schools, safe neighborhoods, and friendly people.
Great restaurants and shops. Great schools and neighborhoods. People are friendly. Traffic is terrible. Overall, a wonderful community!
Brentwood is a very nice community to be a part of. The city pays attention to the needs of the citizens and also provides many parks, bike trails and other recreation for their enjoyment. It has schools that are ranked very highly in the nation for academic achievement and a crime rate that ranks among the top ten safest cities in the United States. The police department has some of the most professional and personable officers I have ever interacted with. The fire department is not to shabby either! I would recommend a visit if you are ever in the Nashville area!!
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Brentwood is your typical suburb, full of large houses and upper middle class families, where everyone knows their neighbors. It's close to Nashville, giving people of all ages something to do. The little kids have many parks, as well as the zoo to go to. Teenagers have many opportunities to attend festivals and concerts. Young adults can visit the different bars and go honky-tonking. And adults have a multitude of new restaurants to try.
The only downside to Brentwood is if you are coming from a place full of diversity, do not expect to find that here.
Brentwood is a small bedroom community of Nashville, TN, located in Williamson County. It is known for its great schools for academics & sports. It has many parks & green spaces with miles of interconnected trails.
I am a single parent living in Brentwood, Tennessee. It's a wonderful location to raise a family. The public schools are excellent and high recommended. We have awesome neighbors and the local community are quite friendly. We have access to all "big city" department stores all located centrally in Brentwood. I love it here and hope to attend an online education while my daughter attends middle school.
One of the fastest growing cities surrounding Nashville. A city where you can eat shop and play. Brentwood has excellent schools and beautiful neighborhoods.
I really like the people in Brentwood, TN and at my school. We are like a family. I feel safe in Brentwood
I have been so blessed to live in Brentwood pretty much my whole life so far. It is a very safe, fun environment. The schools are some of the best schools for kids. Also, everything is really close by to your convenience. In my opinion, most people are really nice and helpful as well. The cost of living is on the higher end but that is due to the very high quality houses as well as the surrounding areas. Overall Brentwood is a great place to live, especially if you have a young family or school age kids.
I believe this town is becoming a very booming place. There are many new and high-end shopping centers and restaurants that will allow everything to be convenient. The only downside is the traffic, however, anywhere in Nashville will be a fight with traffic. The neighborhoods are very nice and the cost of living here is quite a substantial increase compared to back home.
Brentwood, TN is a small town about 20 minutes south of Nashville. Brentwood is a beautiful suburb made up of mainly middle and upper-class families. A majority of families are caucasian with little diversity in the city. The public school system, Williamson County, includes nationally ranked schools that provide children with the best public education Tennessee has to offer. Brentwood is also a very safe area with little to no crime. Houses in Brentwood average at about $400,000, but in my opinion, the high cost of living is worth the exceptional school system and community. Most people residing in Brentwood do not work in Brentwood, which is not at their disadvantage. If you are not looking to commute, jobs are easy to find throughout the Brentwood area. The commute time from Brentwood to downtown Nashville is about 15-20 minutes by interstate. My experience living in Brentwood has been exceptional, and I would recommend living in Brentwood to any family who can afford it.
The schools around the area are absolutely amazing! They are extremely competitive and will push you academically, athletically, extra-curicullarly, etc. that is highly ranked by colleges! People here are very friendly and ready to help! The job opertunity is amazing, growing quickly with great income levels! There are a variety of shops and activity places available for the community! Being located next to Nashville makes it an amazing place to live!
The community is growing and there is always something going on in our area.
I felt safe growing up in the Brentwood area and loved it.
Very responsive team of firefighters, paramedics, and police officers.
There is little to no crime in the area ever. It is a very safe place to raise kids in. The only thing that is a hazard to safety is the road construction that has been continuous for the past few years, but this is only due to the fact that the town is expanding.
Brentwood is a very affluent part of Tennessee and shows that off with its variety of things to do, parks to visit, and beautiful neighborhoods to drive through. If I had to live here again, I definitely would. Everyone is very kind, there is little to no crime, and all the schools in the county are some of the best in the entire state. This area will probably just continue to grow as the years go on.
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This is a very safe area to live in!
This is a great area to grow up in!
Good schools, low crime, lots of parks & greenspace
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