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73 reviews
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Brentwood high school is a school filled with diversity, equal opportunity, and hope. Attending has made me more informed and understanding of the world around me. It taught me that we are all capable of greatness if we aim for it. I have never felt unsafe, despite the crime that has recently occurred in the community. No community is perfect, there are crimes in every community- but because of our diversity, we are constantly under harsh scrutiny. I love Brentwood for all that it is, and all that it can be. I spent the majority of my life in this town, and I am thankful for it.
I moved to Brentwood when I was two, followed there public school district until I graduated in 2012. I think they did me right but you have to stay focused. in Brentwood its easy to forget that school comes first and making friends come second. The Town library is has a lot of useful programs both educated students and adults in various job skills and even learning languages. unfortunately, I have not always felt safe walking around the town in the middle of the night. and I would not recommend it to others.
Brentwood is an interesting place to live. It is not known for its safety but more for its gangs. It is scary and in some areas extremely run down. However, it is home so outside of the dark areas there is some beauty that can be found in Brentwood. This is the town that shaped me into who I am as a person. It has made me cautious and aware of my surroundings, but it also taught me to live in the moment and enjoy life.
It was a great experience. Everything was good I liked all scholarships they have to offer. the website was easy to manage and i would not change anything. the instructions were easy to follow.
I was born and raised in the neighborhoods of Brentwood. I must say that in my years that I have lived in Brentwood I have never encounter any danger to myself or my family. I have had the opportunity to meet very nice people in this neighborhood.
Great town very quiet, the school district provides slot of help . Job opportunities everywhere and it's just a great town
Brentwood is a huge suburb to live in. We have some violence but mainly it is a quiet area. There is a lot of central American culture centered here.
I loved attending grade school in Brentwood. The teachers were amazing and really cared about the students. Some people are friendly and others not so friendly. I believe there are a lot of opportunities for Brentwood residents. The community is extremely diverse. As far as the safety goes, Brentwood has began to become an unsafe place. Many kids join gangs and make others uncomfortable and scared to walk down their own block. Many unfortunate situations have happened in this town and the one good thing that has come out of it is the community has begun to get closer. There are those that are apart of the community that strongly care about each other and their hometown known as Brentwood.
Brentwood is close to everything so commuting isn't an issue. Unfortunately, there has been a spike in crime and it isn't the safest of neighborhoods. It is more affordable than the towns around it due to the crime.
Grew up here! Love this place! School District has great teachers and lots of activities. The public library is the best, huge, with lots of resources.
The crime in this area isn't too frequent, but it is very unsafe.
The environment in Brentwood New York is not as comfortable and safe as many other privileged neighborhoods on long island. The increase of immigrants and the effects of red lining have caused all the less privileged people to be herded to this one area. Which explains the diversity. Brentwood is not safe enough to take walks. There aren't even sidewalks, and the crime rate makes many want to stay inside. Neighbors are hostile and silent towards each other.
Overall, the neighborhood feels unsafe. There is a lot of people loitering around business, drunk. Due to this, the community feel very unsafe, especially for a young person. I hardly see police around, not even around children zones. This place is unsafe.
Brentwood High School has tremendous school spirit, which is a plus and that brings unity within the community. Although the school spirit is great the school system is extremely over-crowed creating harsh learning environments. The community is very stagnant and visually unappealing. Overall, I would not choose to live here again. Unless, more banks and bushiness are introduced into the neighborhood.
You'd want to not be alone by the train station at night especially.
There are people who have been here for generations and people who are newer to the area. As long as you're not a petty neighbor who calls the town on people for how they maintain their homes, you should be fine.
Unfortunately, Brentwood has always been known for their street and gang violence. I hate to see my community go down the drain and ultimately dragging our future generation down with it. I'd love to see change, a sense responsibility, and longing to be more than just a statistic. I see police lurking yet not much movement when it comes to calls, however I do see hustle when it comes to certain emergencies which is fantastic, although I do wish that fire was in our police department all the time.
I've grown up here for most of my life and have a good connection to this place. The atmosphere is positive for some people living in the area although crime and violence has double since I have moved here with my family. The area I live in isn't poverty but there are some households that are either abandon, poor, or rundown. As much spirit and pride as I have for my hometown I do feel my time here has reacted its end and I do feel its time to leave and experience something new somewhere else. I've also never traveled anywhere else outside of Brentwood for a significant amount of time so I honestly do look forward to my next journey of living away from home when I go off to school to finish my education.
I really don't think I know it well enough to comment.
The crime level is not a major issue here in bentwood.
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