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Brentwood is a very small town that consist of a lot of gang members and needs to be cleaned up. I love my hometown, but it is not how I want to live
Brentwood is an amazing place to live.. I grew up here and still currently a resident there. Went to high school and college all in Brentwood. This place has so many opportunities for people to grow and give back to the
Community like be a volunteer firefighter which I grew up in that genre. My father was chief of the fire department for a long time and soon to be I want to follow the same shoes and give back to my community.
There is a lot of speculation when it comes to my town. Some judge it from the outside without ever stepping foot inside. Many hear about the bad from the news and automitcally associate with the bad. They group everyone from my town as one. If something bad happens, its because everyone who lives here are awful but it is the 2% of people who give the bad name. It is a great town with great people and hard workers.
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My experience in Brentwood has been excellent. The public schools are good in the area. The people in the are are friendly and helpful and kind. The living in the area is somewhat expensive in certain things you buy. Their is diversity in the area from different countries.
When I first moved to Brentwood I was sure it would be a great start to my high school career. I was the new kid in the area and at first I was worried that I wouldn't make any friends but I did. everyone welcomed me nicely and now that I've been living here for years I love this neighborhood. I wouldn't move anywhere else because this town is a family to me.
Brentwood is wonderful community filled with a lot of culture. Brentwood is a predominantly Latino community filled with a lot of families there are a lot of mom and pop shops around.
Brentwood is a great town with many attractions. The neighbors are close niche and many people seem to get along very well. The schools are in very close proximities to many neighbors and safety doesn't seem much of a concern to me nowadays. Nightlife may be lacking, however, it is the suburbs so you can't expact too much of a lively scene, but there still are a few places where people can kick back and relax to have a good time.
Brentwood has its potential to be a good town but its current gang problem causes people to be worried and afraid.
Brentwood is a diverse community full of color, delicious and different food and hardworking people.
I do not understand why everyone is so afraid of being in Brentwood. I attended grades 1-12 in the Brentwood school district and loved every moment of it.
Even though many people consider it to be a disadvantage town, it does have unique cultures and a diversity of food.
I grew up in brentwood and i can honestly say it's not as bad as everyone is saying it is. I like brentwood music/ sport programs in their schools.
I have lived in Brentwood for about 16 years now. I've basically grown up in this area. I love this place. It feels just like home especially if you are Latino, Despite the news stories, this place is a safe place. There is a lot of Latinos here and its a great place to live if you only Spanish because you can survive here. I like the diversity of Brentwood. I like the fact that it is a calm suburb with a relaxing taste.
Brentwood high school is a school filled with diversity, equal opportunity, and hope. Attending has made me more informed and understanding of the world around me. It taught me that we are all capable of greatness if we aim for it. I have never felt unsafe, despite the crime that has recently occurred in the community. No community is perfect, there are crimes in every community- but because of our diversity, we are constantly under harsh scrutiny. I love Brentwood for all that it is, and all that it can be. I spent the majority of my life in this town, and I am thankful for it.
I moved to Brentwood when I was two, followed there public school district until I graduated in 2012. I think they did me right but you have to stay focused. in Brentwood its easy to forget that school comes first and making friends come second. The Town library is has a lot of useful programs both educated students and adults in various job skills and even learning languages. unfortunately, I have not always felt safe walking around the town in the middle of the night. and I would not recommend it to others.
Brentwood is an interesting place to live. It is not known for its safety but more for its gangs. It is scary and in some areas extremely run down. However, it is home so outside of the dark areas there is some beauty that can be found in Brentwood. This is the town that shaped me into who I am as a person. It has made me cautious and aware of my surroundings, but it also taught me to live in the moment and enjoy life.
It was a great experience. Everything was good I liked all scholarships they have to offer. the website was easy to manage and i would not change anything. the instructions were easy to follow.
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I was born and raised in the neighborhoods of Brentwood. I must say that in my years that I have lived in Brentwood I have never encounter any danger to myself or my family. I have had the opportunity to meet very nice people in this neighborhood.
Great town very quiet, the school district provides slot of help . Job opportunities everywhere and it's just a great town
Brentwood is a huge suburb to live in. We have some violence but mainly it is a quiet area. There is a lot of central American culture centered here.
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