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We have an excellent school system!! Taxes are high, but the services they pay for are worth the expense. The fire station is near the center of town. They are volunteer so sometimes response is somewhat slow. One of our state reps is fabulous, the other three are okay. Our governor is very reliable and supports and cares about our state.
There are several very nice neighborhoods here. Other parts of town are mainly old farm houses which are nice as well, especially in terms of lot size.
Police are visible, but we don't have a full-department so sometimes they are slow to respond.
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There are several gyms in nearby towns. The nearest hospital isn't the best, but there are several others within 30 mins that are of excellent quality. Many people walk here, there are many back roads that are great for walking and jogging.
Winters here are a mess, but moving to New England automatically signs you up for that. We frequently have nor'easters and blizzards during the winter months. Otherwise, the spring, summer, and fall are beautiful!
There is no nightlife. There are some good little restaurants around, though.
This is a small town, but there are jobs around. You just might not end up doing what you want to do.
There are a lot of mom-and-pop shops around, but most businesses in the area provide excellent service. You can find most everything you need in the area.
Houses are spaced far between and often have lawns. We have some abandoned barns and occasionally unkempt properties.
We very rarely hear of crime in the area. Sometimes highschoolers goof off, but that's about it.
New Hampshire gets both the best and worst of all four seasons. Summers are very hot and wet, winters are very cold and snowy. Our spring and autumn seasons are beautiful, but seasonal weather is definitely an issue.
A mix of nice locally-owned restaurants and mediocre ones. No night life at all.
Very few jobs locally. A little further out and some grocery stores and other businesses are hiring.
We don't have much to offer. A local family-owned business store, and that's about it.
I don't mind the snow but it is getting harder as I get older. We have 4 seasons. Fall and spring are the best here in my opinion. I am not a fan of the heat s, I do not enjoy summer as much as most people. When we first moved here 20 years ago there were very few power outages but now there seems to be many. I find that a big challenge to my budget since propane costs are very high when running a generator for days and very frequently. My hat and coat in the winter and my sandals in the summer.
You have to be able to drive. Nothing is really in walking distance
I love it here but I enjoyed my work in NYC better
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coming form NYC I am always on my guard but there has never been as issues since I have lived here for the past 20 years
most everyone I know is working but we are close to other states if you need to commute and for larger job opportunitie
people are very active with running, skiing, biking. Boston hospital are less than 1 hour away if needed
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