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It is a quant town. It is small and quiet. It feels very safe. There is a burgeoning arts district and it is very near to Mt. Rainier which is also cute.
I don't think I would choose to live hear again if I had any other option. I am not saying that this neighborhood is bad or that I don't like it. I would want more privacy where the houses wouldn't be so close to each other that includes big yards. I also would like to live in place where your neighbors wouldn't be paying attention to everything you do. But I wouldn't move out of the state, I love Maryland. Another reason I wouldn't leave the state is because most of family live near me.
I don't like living around here and wouldn't chose to move back here if I was to leave. I have experienced serval racial conflicts over here.
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Compare to other areas of the country, I cannot complain when it comes to the weather. We have not had any severe storms or weather conditions that crippled the environment. The most important or essential item in my wardrobe is my jacket.
I believe our public servants are doing a wonderful job. The police/fire station response time are wonderful. I have instances when I call to reported a suspicious activity or stolen items and an officer came to my house to take the report. the laws that are in place are working but there is still room for improvement.
I am not saying that my community is crime free but I have not heard or known of any or a lot of crimes for me to be overly concerned about. We have neighborhood watch and that seems to be working very well.
the overall quality of live is definitely getting better. I have seen a lot of improvements.
The community in this area in my opinion is pet family friendly, they tends to pick up behind their pets, and use designated walk areas. I find the residents of this community to be very involved and engaged in community activities and events.
I cannot speak for the overall populous as far as health is concern but there are more than enough bike trails, walking path, gyms, work out sessions, classes and clubs.
One of the advantages of living in the Washington Metropolitan area is there is always something for everyone to do from the tots to the seniors. In most cases transportation is make a available for those who do not or want to drive. I am proud to be a citizen of this area. The areas attraction includes Six Flags America, Kings Dominion, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Arundel Mills Mall/Casino, Parks & Recreation, Fine dining, The national Zoo, White House, The Monument and the list goes on. It is known for good food and entertainment.
I believe that despite the economy, the overall job outlook in this area is wonderful. There is a lot of restaurants for those who are in the culinary field. The high-end jobs are Administrative and Management.
I believe the transportation department can be improved. They take too long to fix the streets and finalize the repair areas.
The nature of the outdoors where I live is excellent. A lot of greenery, the parks a well kept and maintained. There is a lot of activities for the children to do. I love to sit in the park for relaxation.
Most of the people in the area are pleasant, very helpful and believes in teamwork. For the most part they seems to be a lot of retirees that lives in the area. They are not afraid to make friends.
Most of the properties in my area are well kept.
Overall most of the business places in the area is good.
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