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Small town feel right outside of SF! This town is perfect for young families who want to get out and be active. Lots of community events and always something fun to do.
I love the overall feeling of safety in Brentwood. It's easy to be familiar with everyone and yet still have some privacy. One of my favorite parts about Brentwood is the Farmer's Market!
Prepare yourself for a long commute. Beautiful place to live but you have to sacrifice your time to commute everyday into the city to afford the cost of living.
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what I like about Brentwood is that the community is family friendly. I would like to see change how the community comes together as one in support of lives that have been lost
Brentwood is a lovely city, filled with a lot of activities an members that positively contribute to the community. The people here are not snobby or rude but tend to help each other in times of need. I would like to see some change in a more active security system only because I have had a few experience where I have not felt that security did their best or got there and helped the best they could. I would also change all the constant construction happening on Highway 4 that they keep changing or adding on to. Other than that, I love the people of Brentwood and the sense of community.
Brentwood is pretty quiet town. Nothing really goes on there. Theres the streets of brentwood which is a really nice place to shop, but some stores are going away. The public schools are pretty good, and theres plenty of great resturaunts around
The schools are very nice and have so many resources, nice teachers, and good safety. There is an amazing local business presence including restaurants, produce, hair salons, etc. The weather is amazing here. The neighborhoods are typically very nice. Good roads, sidewalks, and parks! Very happy place.
Traffic is awful, streetlights are garbage. The city itself is always clean, anything you could need is a short drive away.
Brentwood is an up and coming suburban area in the East Bay. It is a family-friendly neighborhood and lots of new or young families flock out here to raise their children. In addition to having your essential stores, Brentwood has great churches and a water park.
I have lived in Brentwood for over two years now. I like the small town feel that it has. I would like to see more family oriented activities in the area.
Brentwood is city in Contra Costa County in California,United States. It is located in the East Bay Area region of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Brentwood is agriculture city and you can get lots of cherries,corn and peaches. Brentwood is increasingly residential. The Brentwood education system is very good and the city is served by the brentwood Union School District but in brentwood is not many for job Opportunities so i would like to be hear some businesses and industry.
I have grown up in this area all my life. We moved our family to Brentwood in 2009 and have been very happy. It is small town and yet growing so we have added some great restaurants and fun places to go! The public schools have been a great experience for both of my girls.
I like the cleanliness and diversity of the city but the city needs to bring in more businesses for local job opportunities.
Brentwood is a great community for family oriented home owners. There are several elementary schools, churches, and family businesses that contribute to its small town vibe. It is an extremely safe neighborhood with a low crime rate, which makes Brentwood a perfect place to raise young families. Unfortunately, because Brentwood is so far away from the city, there are very limited job opportunities. This increases commute time, with the average resident commuting around a hour to work. In exchange for living in a safe, quiet, low-crime environment, residents must sacrifice their time to commute for better job opportunities. Many residents in the area own small businesses or work from home, due to this inconvenience. In all, Brentwood is a great place to live and raise families with low crime, great school districts, and family oriented local businesses.
I live in Brentwood with a hostfamily for 1 year. Brentwood is a really nice area for families with kids, because here are a lot of parks for them to play. The people in my neighborhood are friendly and we get together outside when the kids are playing together. You have the streets of Brentwood where you can go shopping and a lot of places to go grocery shopping. The closest BART station is in Pittsburg, a 20 minutes drive and it takes you all the way to San Francisco.
Brentwood is a growing community that has come a long way in the thirty years I have lived here. When I first moved to Brentwood in the late 1980's, it was a small farm town that reminded my father of his hometown of Nevada, Iowa. Over the years, the residents have gathered to vote together, build schools together, and homes together to make Brentwood the expanding community it is today. There are always improvements underway. People walk the streets everyday for leisure, pet exercise, and personal fitness alike.
This town is one you want to raise your children and grandchildren in. It's a community where one small child learned he had cancer and the entire town came together to make sure he was able to raise enough funds to put up a fight.
It's a town you want to visit on the weekends picking fresh fruit from the orchard, or maybe touring the exquisite vineyards; better yet, watching your daughter marry her best friend on a Saturday afternoon. Brentwood is a place for all!
I have been a resident of Brentwood, CA for over 9 years. I've noticed a big change in the diversity in our population and have noticed a large increase of job opportunities for students. This has made living here very rewarding and fun.
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Brentwood is a great little town that is very family friendly with a farm town roots. There's not a lot of activities to do in town, bowling, movies, shop, eat, and thats about it, but there are a lot of places nearby to go. There is a strong sense of community and the city has very good upkeep with potholes and such, plus tons of parks.
Awesome place to live! Quiet and comfortable environment, where everyone is friendly and cordial. Schools are great, they have previously been rated in the top ten in the United States. Brentwood is a growing community with a small town feel. It is family friendly with great events for families to come together during the holidays and throughout the year.
Although housing prices are high. The school district has some great schools. Ron Nunn Elementary School for instance is very family friendly & oriented.
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