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Quiet, friendly and safe. In this area, if someone doesn’t recognize you, they will come over to say hi just to make sure everything is on the up and up. They look out for the community.
The crime in my area isn't that bad at all. I rarely hear of anything bad happening in my neighborhood.
I personally enjoy living in the area that I live in. My neighbors are nice. I live in a clean neighborhood. There's little to no criminal activity in my neighborhood.
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Pensacola is getting worse on criminal activity
I have never been affiliated with crime so I do not know how responsive the police are.
My area isn't a bad area. I moved from cantonment and I would have much rather stayed there but my new neighborhood isn't bad at all.
The beach is of course great. The shopping is pretty good too.
they could do better with things and activities for the youth.
My area is improving but being from New York originally I feel limited. The quality of products in my opinion are below the regional standard. I don't know who the buyers are but the clothing, healthy food options, entertainment, and restaurants and very below average. I would love to have more quality options to not keep going to the same places all the time. Only a hand full of budget friendly, quality restaurants. Almost all of the decent high end places are on the beach. My family and I drive to Mobile, AL to Ruth Chris( the Destin,Fl location is a 6 out of 10)
This city is mostly for retired people so it is kind of hard to find employment.
Its okay for the most part. Not much pollution in the air.
There are a few opportunities
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