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Brenham has great schools. The crime rate is low. The neighborhoods are quiet. Brenham ISD curriculum is well rated.
Brenham is a great little town. On my drive in, people wave at each other while passing by. There are great parks for little ones, enough grocery stores to satisfy what is needed. It is close enough to Houston to get there when needed, but far enough away where it keeps the small city, country charm.
This town is a small yet big enough for any family. It is a German town that has great history as well as great people. The food is fantastic but if your hungry for something on a sunday afternoon, Chili's and Applebee is about the only thing that is open. The schools are great though i do not have kids. I did have time during my schooling at the college there do some teacher aiding. The teacher's are willing to help any kid. The safety is about as good as you can get for small town, well actually one small fact it has the most law enforcement in Texas. Any nightlife though that you would want other than a bar on the corner in town you would have to go to College Station or Austin.
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its a small quiet town its not alot to do but the town is growing the people are really friendly but there are a few local spots around the city (for example) the movie theater has a go-kart and arcade directly adjacent to it and will keep you busy and right after can go to the movies and are really inexpensive. If you're looking for a place to eat sealand has quality seafood and theyre service is amazing.
Brenham is a beautiful place to live. It's a small town, but the big city of Houston is right down the highway. If you like to do water sports, you can drive to Summerville Lake in 15 minutes. We have a great school district and even a Junior College. People are friendly and the town has an outstanding family friendly library. I love to take my children to our parks which are very well maintained. Brenham also has great shopping down town, and very close to Round Top for antiques. What I love most about Brenham is that the city offers multiple opportunities through the year for the community to come together to do fun activities such as "Hot Nights, Cool Tunes" and the Brenham Maifest. There are also plenty of GREAT churches to choose from.
I have lived in Brenham for the past 7 years and love the area. It is a great place to grow a family and is centrally located between both Austin and Houston. I love the fact that it is right on the interstate so you can easily get on the freeway and be in a major city within the hour. The neighborhood i live in is nice and quiet and overall everyone has been very welcoming since we moved here.
There are new and exciting things coming to Blink College. It is a great school to start out at. I wish it was a 4 year college.
Great town to live and work in! People are always friendly in Brenham. The history behind is truly astounding. 😊
Brenham is the home of the Cubs! Baseball capital of Texas! Home of Blue Bell Creameries! Brenham is a safe and friendly place to live. The townspeople are active in any event going on. Cost of living is somewhat cheap and it offers a great community to you and a great lifestyle. The only thing is I wish Brenham had more attraction to it.
Brenham is a tiny town compared to the more popular areas of Texas. It's not as small as something like Bellville, but it's definitely limited in the things that it has to offer. I've lived here for the past 5 years and I am definitely ready to move on. There's nothing wrong with this place, but the small town life just is not for me.
I love Brenham, it's basically the country. Brenham is really calm and collected. I love how the nature is over there, it's beautiful and I love going there to visit family members. Even though it's kind of small place it's still big at heart. There isn't really anything I want to change about Brenham because it is perfect just the way it is. The thing that I love the most is that when you are in Brenham you are free, there is a lot of land that is ours and we can do anything on it since it's rightfully ours. If you have a chance you should visit there because it's just so unique in it's own way. I love how people there are so nice and it's surprisingly diverse which I love as well.
Brenham is a quaint, beautiful town with loads to do. Whether you are a foodie, into craft beer and local music or historical information Brenham is the place To go shopping for a romantic weekend or a girls weekend.
Brenham is a pretty safe place to live.
The atmosphere in Brenham is warm and inviting.
There are police men everywhere all the time. I always see them and I never see anything myself, the only times I ever heard about crime incidents would be when my neighbor got his truck stole and then his new one broken into and then also some gun shots on campus (not fun to hear).
For me, I came to Brenham because I thought a small town would be great to live in. But personally I came to be a little disappointed. If you are someone that likes to go out and do things, Brenham does not have much. Don't get me wrong, Brenham is a beautiful small town but it is up to who you are as a person on whether or not you will like it. I would one day want to live in a small town with some acreage so I could see myself coming back here for that, but as a college student there is not much to do when it comes to free time. The one benefit of it all though is how close in proximity it is to Houston, College Station, Somerville and other places. Now there is a lot more crime here than I thought there would be. I had a neighbor that got his truck broken into and stolen and also the people at the college kind of seem like they don't care and can be immature but that's something far beyond what the town is. Other than that, it was a good year for me here.
There is crime everywhere, but I love how the police officers are on constant watch, and you can call an in less then 10 minutes, they are on the scene.

Crime is becoming a problem here, but normally it is for petty things, Its a town shock when someone gets shot, or injured.

That's how I would love to keep it!
Review Brenham
I love this little town, I moved here from Houston, and love every thing about it.

I workout with the local police officers, and government officials, we are all one here.

A lot of people come here for the great events, including Bluebonnet festival, Hot nights Cool tunes, Maifest, and so much more!

I see it expanding and growing, especially with Houston and Austin surrounding this area, A lot of people are moving out to the hill country, to escape the hectic lifestyles of the big city; but I hope Brenham can keep this town small, I love the small town feel here; even if its growing everyday.

I would Love here and stay here in a heart beat, I love this town!
I feel safe in Brenham!
Brenham is a great city!
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