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In Bremerton, there is a lot of diversity. This helps to create a more welcoming and open community filled with many opportunities not subjected to race. People here are welcoming and filled with hospitality. Though this is a beautiful city it could use some road work. The roads can be quite bumpy from the previous construction that only cover the minimum they needed to. This makes a huge difference between the road that was old and the new one that was just redone.
There are a lot of interesting people in Bremerton, getting to know them has been an adventure. It being a military town, people are in and out all the time, this causes increase in rent, grocery, power, water. I feel like this is unfair to those of us that are permanent residents.
Bremerton is a growing beautiful and affordable city. Many people from bigger cities are choosing Bremerton because it is cheaper and offers convenient transportations like ferry rides to Seattle and Transit Bus transportation. Not too crowded and well diverse area.
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I love the sweet and somber tranquility of the natural forest like atmosphere that Bremerton possesses. It is like the metaphorical heart of Washington. It is what pumps the blood of the "evergreen" state.
I enjoy the changes that are happening to clean up the area. What i would like to see is more for the kids in this county. There is not a whole lot to do.
Bremerton has been a source of peace and economic stability since 1891 when the United States Navy bought the land for the locations' suitability of a shipyard. Since it's founding Bremerton has always been a place where Americans can find work to help maintain our nations' Navy.
Bremerton is the place I was born, and grew up. There is always going to be good, and bad things about each place. Bremerton is a hidden gem, and I believe it to be a place I would want to retire and grow old at.
I live in Bremerton because I am in the Navy. This town is mostly full of sailors and their families, with most of the civilian population being current or former sailors or Naval Shipyard workers. With that said, you would assume that the area was nicely maintained, but there seems to be a meth epidemic in the area. The houses are mostly old and small. The roads need work and the variety of stores and restaurants in the area is lacking. Overall, it is an alright place to live, but I cannot wait to move.
I have been in the area for almost 6 years now and it is a good area to live in. When we first moved here people warned us about where to live, but we have not had any issues. This is actually a pretty quite town and the people are friendly.
Compared to where I have been before, I have had many more positive experiences here in Bremerton. With school and family activities being the areas I have had more experiences.
I've lived in Bremerton for the past 6 years and it has proven to be quite the fun town. It's small, but has a nice city feel. While it is considered a military town, there are a variety of things to do which brings people from all walks of life to the area. The downtown community is being revived and there are great tourist activities on the Peninsula that Bremerton is a part of. Surrounded by the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains with views of Mt. Rainier make this town one that I would recommend exploring and possibly settling down in.
I like Bremerton because it's very diverse and people are very friendly. Also, the public transportation is really good, and there's not much traffic in comparison to Seattle. Bremerton has a ferry terminal route that goes to Seattle. People who wants a great night life usually takes the ferry going to Seattle and comes back late at night.
Besides downtown, Bremerton is worn and more of a Naval Shipyard than a home. The summers are very nice but most things to do are outside of the area. It's more a place for sailors and shipyard to work, not a place to live.
I was born in Bremerton WA. My father was in the Navy. I have resided in this wonderful town for over 23 years. I couldn't imagine living any where else. There is a navy port here and shipyard which employs thousands of Bremerton residents. This is the place to be.
I've grown up in Bremerton, and I'm watching it turn into a real "hometown" city. People keep calling it the next Seattle, and I'm seeing waves of change happening. New housing, businesses, and opportunities are popping up every day.
We live in Bremerton with two kids. There are tons of parks to take them to, as well as great restaurants with cheap, delicious food.
The great part about living in a small City is that it is easy to get to College more ways than one. Cost of living is on the rise with our Country, it's nice to know that there is affordable living while attending College as a first year student at Olympic College. I believe that is the most positive asset Bremerton has to offer. The professional locals have a lot to offer to our community as far as professional careers.
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Things that I like about Bremerton are all of the small businesses such as diners and dives that take pride in the food they cook and serve to their customers. I will say Customer service is never in quest when it come to these places. One thing I would like to see change is that Bremerton accepts big industries in this small town. This will bring more revenue to the city and will keep families from moving.
Bremerton, WA has an amazing atmosphere for those interested in a small town in the Pacific NorthWest. The town may be small in size, but offers spectacular tourist spots. There are navy bases, ships, and ports. Bremerton is a one-hour ferry trip from Seattle making it a wonderful place to visit on occasion. Bremerton is similar to an old 1980's vintage town, consisting of small coffee shops and hangout spots for those who love to venture. Overall, the small town of Bremerton may be little in size but big in adventure.
Bremerton has changed a lot since I was a child. When I was young, the downtown was very industrial, pawnshops littered streets and the city in general, specifically the west end, had a bad reputation. Over the years, the downtown has steadily been reenvisioned that gives the downtown this artsy flavor that would feel magnetic if it had the kind of traffic and nightlife of Seattle. Things look like they are on the up and up because the new direction the downtown is heading shows no signs of slowing expansion.
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