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Things that I like about Bremerton are all of the small businesses such as diners and dives that take pride in the food they cook and serve to their customers. I will say Customer service is never in quest when it come to these places. One thing I would like to see change is that Bremerton accepts big industries in this small town. This will bring more revenue to the city and will keep families from moving.
Bremerton, WA has an amazing atmosphere for those interested in a small town in the Pacific NorthWest. The town may be small in size, but offers spectacular tourist spots. There are navy bases, ships, and ports. Bremerton is a one-hour ferry trip from Seattle making it a wonderful place to visit on occasion. Bremerton is similar to an old 1980's vintage town, consisting of small coffee shops and hangout spots for those who love to venture. Overall, the small town of Bremerton may be little in size but big in adventure.
Bremerton has changed a lot since I was a child. When I was young, the downtown was very industrial, pawnshops littered streets and the city in general, specifically the west end, had a bad reputation. Over the years, the downtown has steadily been reenvisioned that gives the downtown this artsy flavor that would feel magnetic if it had the kind of traffic and nightlife of Seattle. Things look like they are on the up and up because the new direction the downtown is heading shows no signs of slowing expansion.
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Bremerton is a great place, however, it is becoming increasingly gentrified. If you're looking for cheap housing avoid Bremerton.
Gorgeous views, right on the waterfront, and a short commute to Seattle/Tacoma! The summers are gorgeous and green, and there a ton of hiking trails in the area.
I am born and raised Bremerton. It is a really good location because you are very close to other towns and can take a ferry ride over to Seattle.
Bremerton is a small city that is making a strong comeback. There are adorable houses ready for renovation, great schools, and culture.
I like the environment here, but we need to help the homeless people better. Olympic College is amazing.
Bremerton has alot of cheap stores and some decent places to eat. As well as the ferry terminal and recreational parks.
Bremerton is a growing community nestled between the Seattle metropolis and the rural communities of the far west. The major source of employment is the shipyard and naval bases located throughout the region. The city itself is growing and developing a contemporary look, however there are a lot of run-down houses and buildings. Local restaurants are exquisite, however the poverty level is high and it's not infrequent to be asked for financial assistance when out and about. There is a strong christian community in the area, including a christian high school. The area is relatively safe at night, however live in a relatively decent neighborhood but have still experienced a few car thefts. Because of the poverty level there is a high degree of drug use among people and homelessness. There are many day attractions, such as museums, local hiking, and boating...all a plus.
Bremerton, Washington is a thriving city. Bremerton is known for how diverse and complex it is. There are many job opportunities along with quite a strong bond of community minded townsfolk. It is a great city to live and thrive with your family, friends, and community.
Bremerton is a fair place to live. Overall, most of the people living in Bremerton tend to keep to themselves and don't interfere with others around them. I believe that Bremerton is an adequate place to live; however, this is not where I would like to spend the rest of my life.
Not a bad place to live. Schools are decent, housing is more affordable. The traffic isn't great but the public transportation system is adequate.
I like that bremerton is a very friendly and open minded town. I would even add experimental. Bremerton is a navy town and they are so welcoming to the sailors even though it makes them a target for threats big and small.
Variety of places to shop and eat. Lots of traffic during certain times of the day which increase travel time, although it does not usually prevent daily life events.
Lots of good neighbors. Beautiful views and lots of parks. Bremerton has it's quirks, but they give it character - making it an interesting place to live.
Beautiful family parks by the water. Awesome small arcade downtown. The town has a free admission naval museum. Downtown has lots of bars.
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Bremerton has improved quite a bit over the years! The city is working hard to provide a safer environment, and contributing to local businesses.
Bremerton is a navy town. It has a mix of people in the community set on the coast of the beautiful Puget Sound, directly across the water from Seattle. For being a city with a long military history, it still has a pretty small-town feel. What I would like to see change is that there aren't any 4-year universities even remotely nearby. The nearest university is 35+ miles away, which takes a toll on a community in many ways and can result in an attitude of hopelessness and desolation. Because no university means no skilled workers, employment opportunities are limited and lacking in diversity. I myself have to commute into Tacoma (36 mi. away) to work a job where I can actually afford to live on the income.
Cost of living is too high for the area. Lots of jobs but they tend to be low paying. Traffic is awful, but the people are pretty friendly.
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