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There is a lot of activities but most are for young children or senior citizens.
There is quite a mixture in the size, style and layout of the houses in this area
We have every fast food chain in the area. I don't know of any vegan or organic restaurants in this area.
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I live in an unincorporated area so sometimes the response time for police/fire can be slower than it should be
This area is surrounded by forest preserves. I have seen deer in my front yard!! There are plenty of walk paths.
People tend to stay in this community. I have several friends who have parents that grew up in this town. My parents grew up just 5 miles from here.
As an athlete I exercise everyday as do all of the athletes at my school. We do have fitness centers and walk paths in the neighborhood that are used by those of all ages.
I went to school with several kids of different ethnic backgrounds. This gave me such an opportunity to learn different cultures.
My parents moved here due to the reputation of the school district which has been very good for years and still is. I have found so many of my friends parents grew up in this neighborhood and stayed. I enjoy living in this area and given the choice I would live here again. After I graduate I hope to stay in this area and raise a family.
Within a 5 mile area you can shop at a variety of stores from the dollar store on up to the high end stores. The same goes for restaurants; fast food to fine dining.
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