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It is a small town that is very community oriented. Located in a rural area, it provides small town living, but close enough to larger urban areas if needed.
Bremen has a very good school and a low crime rate. Bremen has many great community parks including a swimming pool. Everybody in Bremen in friendly and knows each other.
Small town, very quaint. Not much to do besides eat fast food and look at corn fields. Subway, McDonalds and Dairy Queen are the options for food. If you don't grow up in Bremen and have your family their involved in school sports, it is hard to find things to do. The downtown consists of nothing. They do have an annual fireman's festival every fourth of July that attracts many people from surrounding counties.
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I enjoy the small-town atmosphere that Bremen provides. I enjoy the caring community that supports one another in good times and bad times.
Bremen is a great town with great, loving people. Everyone is always right there to lend a helping hand at a moments notice. The small town of Bremen has shown me so much love and support, simply by being a great community. You can feel the love by all the smiling faces and out pour of serenity in the people just walking down the streets!
Housing isn't bad, hard to find housing for sale but always houses for rent.
Usually people never leave bremen after they start living here.
No crime here in Bremen unless it's speeding.
Bremen is a good small town for a new family. If your looking for something to do, Bremen is not the place other than the public pool in the summer and the parks. Always have to go out of town for mostly everything.
The Bremen community is a great community to grow up in. The school is great, and i can say this because i was a transfer student and notice the differences. It is a small town, so everyone knows everyone but that helps for better relationships.
It is a good town to live in.
Like the sign says, its a good town.
mostly the cops here will bust you for pot before they bust you for anything else
The winter sucks. not only do we get the lake effect snow, but we also get the heavy system snow. My senior year we had 13 snow days, and wound up moving my graduation date back a week to make up all the days we missed
there's practically nothing like this in Bremen
Most of the places of employment are either gas stations, fast food places, or factories.
Bremen is a very small town so there's not many shops around. We have a local grocery store, but you don't find everything you need there. Many people in town will go up to Walmart, Meijer, or Martin's to grocery shop.
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Corn, corn, corn, pig, cow, corn
Small town nowhere land means the town is its own security
Northern Indiana only gets lake affect.
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