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I like Bremen because of the close sense of community. I would like to see more job opportunities. This town is safe and very family friendly. The city school offers a good education for the residents, and they go above and beyond to ensure every student receives a good education.
Bremen is a tiny town located just a few miles from the Alabama border. It is very quiet. It's nice speaking to the local police department and knowing that the troubles are in small focused neighborhoods and very minor offenses. The schools are amazing and encourage parent involvement. The education system out here is even bringing children from outside of the district because they perform so well. While there are not a lot of shops or dine in restaurants, they are within a decent drive. I think the lack of big businesses and shops help to keep the community small and quiet. We moved out here a year ago after paying tuition for our youngest to attend their schools, and it was by far the best decision we could have made.
Bremen is a small town in Georgia, that has its ups and downs. An 'up' would be that by being a small town most everyone knows one another. A 'down' would be that unless you live within the city limits you are required to pay a tuition to be able to attend the local public elementary and high school. If you do not have this money, then the bus ride to the county school is usually around 2 hours. A real unfair disadvantage to those that are financially challenged.
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I have lived in Bremen Georgia my whole life and still do. Bremen is a small southern town that is quickly growing. Out of the three towns that make up the county, Bremen is the only one with a Wal Mart and a private school. This city school brings about some of the highest test scores and graduation rates of the district and state. Education is taken very seriously in Bremen. There are numerous fast food restaurants and gas stations. However it still doesn't posses a dine in or "sit down " restaurant. Crime is for the most part rare. There are the usual public drunk or domestic issue but no gangs or shootings thankfully. My only complaint with bremen would be that the housing market is to highly priced. If you don't bring home at least $45,000 a year, you can't afford to live here. Overall I love my little town and if you check it out, you'd love it too!
I love my small town. Everybody knows everybody and the atmosphere is so welcoming and loving. Bremen, Georgia is my home.
People don't really shop here
There are a few crimes but it is mostly safe.
Some people chose to exercise but some did not.
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