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37 reviews
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Brecksville is my hometown. It is consistently safe. The people here are kind and friendly and it is truly a family. The public school system is strong, ranked highly by the state. Safety is rarely a concern. Financially, there are many options for living here with any budget. One will find both new families and older retired couples living in Brecksville. It is a beautiful home and always provides a sense of community.
Police station is in the center of Brecksville, very helpful and fast responding. Not many crimes are reported in this area.
Everyone is very friendly, everything you need is very close by and close together. Great neighborhoods, small town. Good school system. Has great local restaurants and really nice parks as well!
I feel very safe in my neighborhood.
My city is very nice compared to others in the area.
The cost and taxes are high, but the houses are great.
I love the community and bond we have developed over the years. Some people are stuck up, but my neighborhood is very down to earth. Great people!
I have never had a problem with crime and safety in Brecksville. The police blotter is a joke compared to other cities!
I love the school system in Brecksville and the atmosphere! Great neighbors and friends!
There is hardly any crime in my community and I feel really safe and trust people.
I live in a wonderful community where I get along with all my neighbors and I feel safe all the time. The atmosphere is great. I would live here again if I had to do it all over. I only see a bright future for my community
We have a decent amount of developments with new homes but also a lot of old homes.
Everyone is so nice and helpful
Very very low. The Police are often bored
I grew up here and it is hard to say anything bad about the area. My only complaint is that I feel bored sometimes, but I truly shouldn't. Everyone is so genuinely nice, we are close to downtown, and we have a great town full of little things to do.
Crime around Brecksville is very limited if any at all.
Winters are long and the summers are short. The weather is bipolar in Cleveland.
The houses are spaced out enough and provide enough backyard space.
Everyone doe their job around here but communication can always be improved.
The courtyard café is an amazing restaurant! My favorite is the grilled chicken and strawberry salad with feta cheese.
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