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No really good resturants, people are not friendly
If you are seeking great entertainment and/or fine dining the town in my area is not the place to look. Majority of the businesses her are local family businesses and are also located in a religious area. Many of the mom and pop shops are run by Mennonites or Bible believing families, even a few Amish shops. To find terrific happy hours or bars you would need to drive to the city. As far finding unique eating establishments then this small town is it. with heritages from the German, Italians and Irish thee is quite the variety available to enjoy.
Empolyment in this rural area can be difficult to obtain. A large majority of this area is farming and typically family based. Yhere are a few local big businesses in the area that you can most likely receive a job. Morgan Corp is always looking for workers but usually skilled laborers so executive positions are hard to find. There some other larger companies in the area but like Morgan they to are mainly skilled labor. The growing number of fast food restaurants provides a great source of income for teenagers and college students but they are not enough for complete financial support. In this area you would have a couple of choices, a job in skilled labor with sufficient financial income or convenient store or fast food services with a less than desirable income to support one's self
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My local area is very rural so there are not a lot of options for shopping. The fact that our little town is prefect situated by the busy interstate has helped in providing more shopping avenues. We have your typical one-stop mega supercenter that of course most everyone shops at because you can purchase a majority of the needed items at this store. The problem is with the mega supercenter and growing number of fast food chains the mom and pop shops are being ignored. Our little town has amazing sandwich shops that top subway in made to order ability and in taste. Local restaurants and shops are amazing because you are not just a customer you are a person and treated as if they are rally excited to see you. It saddens me to see the small local shops ignored of the convenience of the mega store. All one has to do it take a look and they will see that everything they need from food to medication to auto repair can be found right here by friendly caring people.
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