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I grew up in this town. Here is a place you can call home, and no one is a stranger. This town is quiet and friendly , everyone knows everyone and wants to help. The schools are perfect for any child growing up and there is one high school, which makes it easy on parents as well as children. In this town no one is left out.
Only thing for children are sporting programs that the parents have to pay for. The town doesn't allow for much growth. The drug scene is coming down a bit.
Overwhelming at times and not pertinent to my degree plan when I got on or too many redundant items to fill out for multiple scholarships
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Although people feel safe in this area, some are concerned about individuals who seem to get away with crime, especially with regards to drugs. The integrity of the police force is questionable at times.
The economy is hindered by the low oil prices. It is a low socio-economic area; one of the best places to live if on welfare. Drugs, alcohol and suicides are problems among the youth in the community. The lake is now at 90% capacity and draws people to the area. Local people are very friendly.
It is a small town, quite for raising your kids.
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