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Breaux Bridge, is a small rural community, with a historic downtown set right on the Teche River. It's quaint, and generally very pleasant year round. Festivals all year long, all you can eat crawfish, and a community full of southern hospitality are what you can expect if you were to visit our town.
There are things though that come with a small town that isn't the best. Such as the lack of low entry level jobs. There aren't that many businesses, to begin with; And sadly, a lot of the mom-and-pop stores in the area are disappearing because of the building of the Walmart Supercenter.
And with it being a small rural town, there's a lack of funding in the public schools here, I see a great racial divide in the schools as well. I've walked the sidewalks and roads many times around both schools and at the poorer and more decrepit Breaux Bridge Elementary, it's mostly African American children, and at the beautiful private school St. Bernard's, I've yet to see a non-caucasian child.
I love Breaux Bridge because it is a city with an abundance of family values. The people are friendly and everyone knows you by name. The people are prayerful and committed to their religious Catholic beliefs. The city is a down home country feeling with just a short drive to other major cities. I believe that our schools have not kept up with the influx of people moving here so we do need improvements to our public schools.
I have lived in Breaux Bridge for 18 years now. It is a quiet and semi-busy city, bustling with cajun culture. The downtown area is a great place to seek antique shops or go to an old-fashioned cafe. Breaux Bridge is known as the Crawfish Capital of USA, and we have pride in our title. Each year, Breaux Bridge hosts the Crawfish festival and many from outside of LA come to join or visit us to have a great time!
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Breaux Bridge is a great town in Louisiana. They are known for the Crawfish Festival they hold every year. You can see a mix of old and modern throughout the town. It is a truly beautiful place.
Extremely painless, so easy and not time consuming. Truly five stars. Overall I would recommend to everyone.
The crime is not bad specifically in my area but not far away it is a little concerning.
It is a good little town but it has not grown much since my moving in. However the neighboring city, Lafayette is getting bigger and better.
There aren't too many crimes in our areas, every oncebin a while a tragedy may occur but you don't havento live in fear. Crime is always to be expected because no one is perfect. But as to say you going to sleep worrying about whether or not someone will break into your house, or your car you don't have to worry
I moved away from Breaux Bridge to the city of Dallas thinking that it would better because it's a big city. That most definitely wasn't the case because you couldn't really be social. You couldn't just walk down the street and say hey to someone like you could in my small town. Living in a small town enhances your social skills and your understanding of people. It helps you to be able to communicate with many different types of people's. Also the saying it takes a village to raise a child comes in to play because if my mom had to go to work i could just go over to my neighbors. it helps your work ethic, because you'll have to go out and get what you need on your own. When you're working to get it on your own you get it by any means necessary!
Crime and safety in Breaux Bridge is great. The police station is one minute away from my house. Everyday there are cops out patrolling to ensure safety. I do live in a school zone, so that makes security better and further enforced. I do feel very safe in this neighborhood.
As a child, my neighborhood was not always the best. There was people hanging out on the wnd of streets, obvious drug dealings, numerous fights, and loud music all the time. Over time, all of the nonsense dies down. I can truely say that it is now a peaceful neighborhood. You don't have to walk outside feeling like you have to wear a bullet proof vest. My neighborhood has transformed into a worry free place.
more opportunities in nearby Lafayette
You can get what you need at the stores in this area
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