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Brea is in the middle of a period of growth - lots of new businesses popping up. It is safe and a great place to raise kids. There isn't a lot to do in terms of nightlife, but Downtown Fullerton is nearby. There is lots of shopping with the mall, downtown, and various shopping centers.
I like the small community feel that Brea offers. We have everything from malls, to restaurants to mechanics. I truly feel like I don't need to go anywhere else to get what I need. I always run into people I know, and I feel very safe when walking my dog at night.
Brea is a family oriented town and is safe! The affordability is not as good as I would like. It keeps getting more expensive to live there due to it being a great town.
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brea is a very small city its pretty but its like a bubble and if you live there you can't escape from it especially if you live with your parents.
I love living in Brea. There is Downtown Brea where you can watch movies the Edwards Cinemas (East and West), you can enjoy comedy at the newly rebuilt Improv, and there's plenty of food and shopping. If that's not enough, the indoor Brea Mall is 2 minutes from Downtown. There are also plenty grocery stores such as Sprouts, Mothers Market, Whole Foods, Albertson's, and there is a huge Target across the street from the Brea Mall. Brea is located off the 57 freeway, there are newly built trails over the old railroad tracks, and during the summers there are concerts and farmers markets in the Downtown area near the movie theaters.
A lot of racist people. Mainly males are misogynistic and racist.The teachers are very bad at teaching, but if you find the right people you will have friends for life.
Brea is a small town with a lot of nice people and convincing environment! Stores and malls are all within miles.
While I do like how it is generally pretty safe here, there really isn't much to do besides eat, go to the movies, or go to the mall.
I worked in Brea for over five years, and I loved it there. Traffic was never really bad, the city is clean, and I always felt safe when there.
Brea is a great city to grow up in. There are alot of shopping centers nearby that accessible to anyone who lives here. As nice of a city it is though, Brea can be a small place especially when there are tourists and such going to the infamous Brea Mall.
There are several elementary schools that feed into one junior high and one high school so you end up meeting new friends while also keeping life long ones.
Overall, Brea is a small homey place to live in.
Beautiful and modern with access to walking-paths, parks and the outdoors. Full of great amenities, entertainment & shopping at an accessible distance. Great schools.
Brea is a great small town, with everything you need just 5 miles away. On the downside, you will see the same people constantly. But, it is safe, and a great place to be
Brea has a very small community, but its community is not like any others. Most cities have people minding their own business or doing their own things, and not too many interactions take place withing. Brea, although, is very connected. As citizens of Brea, we like to call it the "Brea Bubble." The whole idea of it is that since we are a very small town and backed by mostly hillside, nothing crazy happens within our city. Major events talked about on the news rarely have the location named "within Brea." Brea also only contains one Junior High and one High School. This means that mostly all the students know each other pretty well and have known each other for quite some time. As a student myself, I have known some of my classmates for over 11 years, since some also went to my elementary school. Not many people come through Brea, and the only thing really keeping us on the map is the 57 freeway.
It's truly a great place to have a family. Brea has many wonderful people and and a real sense of community, it is easy to see why so many houses are being built here. Another great thing about Brea is it's close proximity to everything. Sports fan the Ducks and Angels are just a short 15 minute drive. Los Angeles is a cool 30 minutes away! And to cap it all off Disneyland is only 30 minutes away!!!!
Brea has a small town feel. It’s a community where you say hello to your neighbor as you walk on the newly built city bike/walk path which promotes safe exercise. I would describe it as calm and mellow. However, it has many community events and promotes involvement. There is a large mall, a music theatre and 2 movie theatres in downtown brea, as well as a community center with a great work out program, so there is always something to do during the day. Nightlife is mild, but downtown Brea has several bars with great food and also, the Improv, which can lead to a pleasurable evening.
Brea is a very nice suburbia. You will find anyone and everyone that you would expect to be in a high/middle class area. The stores and mall is amazing; people from all of the nearby cities make the drive over merely to shop and enjoy Downtown brea. It is however a place of which young, eager, adventurous individuals, much like myself, will feel the need to escape from. the "Brea Bubble" is the town's common nickname due to the fact that everyone knows everyone basically and as soon as anyone slips up, it is all the gossip for the middle-aged PTA moms. It is indeed a great area to raise a family but boy does the unimportant drama get highlighted around town.
I love Brea! The downtown area is lively and convenient with tons of places to eat and shop. Brea manages to have a small town feel in a big city!
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Beautiful place to live. Low crime rates that have unfortunately been raising. So many places to go and so many things to do but that draws in the traffic too.
Love Brea! Great area to raise a family and live life. I grew up here and went to school here and now am back as an adult and wouldn't live anywhere else. Lots to do with friends and family, and the city cares about it's residents.
Brea is a quiet, quaint, family-friendly town. There are many restaurants, parks, and shops to keep a person entertained. Although the night life is not that great (you would have to go to Fullerton if you wanted a night out at a bar). However, if you are looking for a place to see a good movie and grab a bite to eat, downtown Brea is where it is at. The neighborhoods are nice and clean, and the streets are always patroled and kept safe. I would feel very comfortable taking a night walk in this town.
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