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Brea is a small town that has a close knit community and is very safe and overall a wonderful city to grow up and raise a family in. I love Brea
I like the small town with big city accommodations (i.e. movie theaters, good shopping, comedy club, restaurants) all within about 1.5 radius.
Great city to start your family. Great jobs, community and schools. Tons of places to go to eat and have fun.
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I been living in brea for about a year now .its a great place to live ,people are respetful and inconsiderate about other people lives styles plus is
dog friendly too.
Brea has great public schools, nightlife, and is very safe and family friendly. The cost of living is moderately high. Part time job opportunities are great as there are many surrounding shopping centers.
I have lived in brea since I was 11 years old. It has always been a safe and clean city to live in. The city always maintains its cleanliness and has events downtown to enjoy. They have been recently renovating and the city looks even better than ever.i love my city brea where I feel safe.
Brea was once a farming community about 60 years ago and since then has established growing possibilities for families, and smaller businesses. Though Brea is small it's an amazing city to live, very safe, child friendly, and all the large corporate stores aren't far away. Brea is clean, a small night light, things aren't open til 2 am usually, and very suburbian.
Brea is a pleasant town that has a lot of food and entertainment options. The schools here are adequate, besides the new magnet school, that is Laurel.
The city of Brea is a small town that was well thought out through out the years. It is clean, and has entertainment such as the mall, the library and down town Brea which has shops, restaurants and movie theaters. It is a diamond among the dirt
I used to live in Brea and was here while Birch street was built. This added a lively place to go hang out.
Brea is a great town for families. There's a mall, Target, WalMart, and many healthy eateries. It is starting to become more diverse, but is still predominately middle-class white people.
Brea is one of those places that are hard to believe is as ideal as it is. Unlike many other cities in the world, Brea offers unparalleled courtesy and compassion from those who live in it. Everyone is always respectful of others' wishes and also always are willing to lend a helping hand to those who need one. It truly is extraordinary to see such a peaceful and prosperous heaven as Brea.
It is very peaceful and decent education system. The city is great conditions overall. The crime rates, thank God, are very low and is a safe city to live in.
crime and drug use have increased in areas around the skate park.
Brea is a small clean community with good schools. The mall and downtown brea are popular areas of interest.
I live in a wonderful community. The people are friendly and the environment is safe.
There have been a few incidents at this school but people are always working hard to keep the students safe.
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This area has overall great curb appeal.
Great area to live in with a family.
Brea has been improving the area - revitalizing area south of downtown Brea, new homes being built in Floresta, Blackstone, adding new retail stores. One concern is that all these things are great, but the traffic in the area has increased. Not sure with all the homes being built it they impact the schools.
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