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Brawley is a small, friendly community where we all feel connected and help each other. We have great pride for our town, and celebrate it at all times. The Bell Game and the Rodeo are some of the annual events we have in order to celebrate our love for Brawley and the Imperial Vallley Community. Although we have great activities to be excited about we do have violence in certain areas of town, and have problems with gangs constantly close to some of the public schools. Having a safe community for the students in Jr and High School is one of the things we definitely need to work on in the town of Brawley.
It is a great town to grow up in. Everyone knows everyone. The friends you make in kindergarten usually last you until you graduate high school. It is an agricultural setting. There are a lot of fields. Schools are sports-driven it seems. There aren't many opportunities for the arts. It is getting better though. Cost of living is cheap and schools are average. It is a great place to grow up, but more often that not, you outgrow Brawley if you have big dreams.
Although there are kind people in Brawley, and plenty of activities for young children, for the young adults there is not much to do.
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Well Brawley is a Good area to live in. Neighbors are kind and someone always says hi to you. You know you are safe when you are walking to school or from school. Brawley has a lot of a fast food restaurants and donut shops so it's kind of hard to stay fit when you are always around cheap fast food ,but I eat that once in awhile. Brawley is a safe area I would say. You are also near stores for your convenience. I suppose the only thing I don't like would be there are a lot of homeless people ,but they don't bother you or do anything, So I feel safe. Usually they just say hi or ask for money. The schools are really good. They are also close. There are homeless people everywhere in the world so It isn't that big of a deal, But it is sad seeing them like that.
This is a nice quiet town to grow up or raise children. There is not much career opportunity and many businesses don't seem to do so well. There are not many activities for the growing population to enjoy. This desert town also gets extremely hot during the summer which might play a role in the lack of activities and business.
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Crime has so far not been a problem. Therefore it makes it feel extremely safe.
This area has a nice quality of life. Its safe, calm, comforting and diverse.
There crime here has died down over the years but there are a fee cases that do happen around the town.
The area is okay, very small and easy to get around. Very diverse and people here are very friendly.
Police are there as soon as possible after receiving a call. If anyone feels insecure all that needs to be done is contact the local police station and state your situation.
This area isn't as bad as people make it seem to be. It easy to get around and it's a peaceful and quiet environment.
Police are prompt when any accidents or disturbance.
The only time I felt unsafe was when there was an earthquake, but only because I'm a chicken. But other than that, I feel pretty safe all the time.
It's usually hot, since this is a desert. Although, around the Winter time, we occasionally get some cool weather. Mostly everyone here are kind, but some can use some therapy. There isn't really high ranking colleges here, so I have to go out of the city anyways, to go to college. Other than that, I like it here. It's easy to be entertained here.
This is a very small and tight-knit community. If you enjoy that then you would probably enjoy my area. The weather is also extremely hot. As far as I have seen employment in my town has been slowly improving. Besides the heat it's a small, nice community.
This area really needs to start adding some nice sitbdown restaurants
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If you like to travel, and play in the sand, then they can find a place for adult toys and play but it gets very hot in the summertime and not much rain in the winter time.
There is a lot of crime because there are a lot of different gangs in the immediate area. A person usually does not want to be out by themselves after dark walking - in a vehicle, they are required to keep their doors locked as there are quite a few issues in the area. I lived in an apartment with my son for one week, it was broken into and everything of value was taken. We contacted the police who came out immediately and wrote a report, they brushed for fingerprints and later found out the robbery was conducted by the owner of the apartments themselves. They have since been removed from the area, but I will not even go near the apartments even in broad daylight. When asked by a judge why he did it, he said because in his country what belonged to one belonged to all. He was from South Africa.
It doesn't rain very much, the farmers hate that part. It is very hot during the summer, and everyone has to stay inside where there is air conditioning. We have had 3 major earthquakes since I moved here in 2004 - sometimes they can be very nerve wracking. One must wear shorts during February through October to stay cool - can not go without shoes and if you don't keep sunscreen on, you will always have a sunburn.
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